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ECO 374 - Rising Powers: China's Economic Growth and Development

Prerequisite: Listed prerequisites and instructor approval required.

Course Description This course will explore the transformation of an economy that has been growing at a speed that is starting politicians and economists alike. Just imagine-the end of a dynasty and a civil war, invasion and occupation, the spread of socialist culture and rapid modernization, Cultural Revolution and radical transformation reforms that paced the way to a market system, rapid integration into the world economy and extraordinary rates of growth-all this and much more in the course of only 100 years! An unparalleled transformation indeed! The origins and dynamics of this transformation will be studied in light of existing economic theories. The course will examine the process historically through consideration of the economic and political origins of modern China, starting from the early years of unification under the Qin Dynasty, continuing to the rise of commerce during the Han Dynasty, then on to the warring periods and inflationary pressures foreshadowing the Song Dynasty, the introduction of paper money and its acceptance during the Yuan Dynasty, and the isolation of the Ming Dynasty. The course will explore the process of transformation within a contemporary framework, exploring the consequences of growth and development on poverty, inequality, and environmental change. It will also discuss how development is affected by national policies and by global economic trends.

Course Rotation: NY: Fall

3.000 Credit hours
3.000 Lecture hours

Levels: Undergraduate
Schedule Types: Discussion, Lecture, Tutorial

Economics Department

Course Attributes:
Inquiry and Exploration

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Undergraduate level ECO 105 Minimum Grade of D and Undergraduate level ECO 106 Minimum Grade of D