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FOR 531 - Forensic Microscopy

Course Description:This course is designed to provide an in-depth understanding of the theory and practice of microscopy as it applies to forensic applications, with a focus on trace evidence such as hairs, fibers, glass, paint, and soil. Emphasis will be placed on the use of various procedures with standard microscopy, polarized light microscopy, comparison microscopy, and scanning electron microscopy. Optical properties such as refractive index, retardation, birefringence, and interference will be discussed and practiced in laboratory. Various microscopical contrast techniques will be covered as well. Students will have the opportunity to analyze different types of trace evidence in the laboratory.

Course Rotation:FALL;NY

0.000 OR 3.000 Credit hours
0.000 OR 2.000 Lecture hours
0.000 OR 2.000 Lab hours

Levels: Graduate
Schedule Types: Laboratory, Lecture
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Forensic Science Department

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      Forensic Science

Undergraduate level FOR 251 Minimum Grade of D and Undergraduate level FOR 252 Minimum Grade of D