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HIS 297C - Topic: Rome's Golden Age: The Late Republic and Early Empire

Prerequisite: 3 credits of History. Fulfills 3 credits in Area of Knowledge II.

Course Description: This course examines one of the most turbulent and creative periods of Roman history, c. 146 B.C. to c. 68 A.D. Topics include: the effects of imperial expansion upon Roman society; the failure of the Gracchi to reform the Roman Republic; the destruction of the Republic by ambitious generals like Julius Ceasar; the establishment of an imperial government by Augustus; and the criminal insanity of the Julio-Claudians. The course will pay special attention to social issues of wealth and poverty, slavery, the liberation of aristocratic women from traditional roles, changes in education and Roman perceptions of the traumatic events of this revolutionary period.

3.000 Credit hours
3.000 Lecture hours

Levels: Undergraduate
Schedule Types: Lecture, Tutorial

History Department

Course Attributes:
Area of Knowledge II, Inquiry and Exploration

Must be enrolled in one of the following Levels: