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MAT 117 - Elementary Statistics

Not open to students who have completed MAT 134 or MAT 234.

Course Description: Collection, tabulation, and graphing of statistical data; measures of location and dispersion; sampling and sampling distributions; confidence intervals; hypothesis testing; correlation and regression. Business and economic applications are stressed throughout.

Course Rotation: Fall, Spring, and Summer.

0.000 OR 4.000 Credit hours
0.000 OR 4.000 Lecture hours
0.000 OR 1.000 Lab hours

Levels: Undergraduate
Schedule Types: Laboratory, Lecture, Tutorial, Online Course

Mathematics Department

Course Attributes:
Area of Knowledge V, Enhancement Course, Inquiry and Exploration

Must be enrolled in one of the following Levels:     

Pre-requisite for MAT 117

General Requirements:
Course or Test: MAT 104
May not be taken concurrently.  )
Course or Test: MAT 104C
May not be taken concurrently.  )
Course or Test: MAT 108
May not be taken concurrently. )