Class Schedule
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INT 193 - Sci & Tchnlgy in Cntmpry Scty
INT 194 - Reinventng Nur Thrgh Art/Media
INT 195 - Tpc:Cultures of Central Europe
INT 195A - The French Connection
INT 195B - Hudson River & American Tide
INT 195C - Imagining the Second World War
INT 196 - Italian Culture/Civilization
INT 196A - Glory and Infamy of the Caesar
INT 196B - Prior Learning Assessment
INT 196C - Integrity Issues in Telecom
INT 196D - Travel Course to Italy
INT 196E - Tpc: Multidisciplinary Writing
INT 196F - Literature of African Diaspora
INT 196G - Dutch Trading Post to Metrpls
INT 196H - Tpc:Music & Expession of Sound
INT 196J - Sacred & Secular in East Asia
INT 196K - Science, Math & Technology
INT 196L - Tpc: Rise & Fall of Civilizatn
INT 196M - Topic: Modernity & Its Critics
INT 196N - Cuba: The Ongoing Revolution
INT 196P - Telecom Wrkrs/20th Cen Lbr His
INT 196Q - Writing through Drama
INT 196R - Empire and Beyond
INT 196S - Urban Social Photography
INT 196T - Travel Seminar: Greece
INT 196U - Defining American Experience
INT 196V - Rev Mdrn Fre Thght: Phi & Lit
INT 196W - Social Constructions of Nature
INT 196X - Lgcy of Greece & Rome in Mdrn
INT 196Y - The Hmn Ideal in France & Brtn
INT 197 - Topics in Interdisciplinary
INT 197A - Crossroads & Crossfire
INT 197AS - Crs Rds & Crs Fire: Glb Str Wo
INT 197B - Cyberctznshp: Ethcs & the Web
INT 197C - American Women in Lit. & Life
INT 197D - Histry & Cultre of Mdrn France
INT 197E - From Guillotine to Eiffel Towr
INT 197F - Ethics, Aesthetics & the Envir
INT 197G - Rome: The Eternal City -Travel
INT 197H - Exploring Majors & Careers
INT 197J - Rhetoric of Envrnmntl Discours
INT 197K - Love, Lust & War in Middle Age
INT 197L - Crusaders for Social Justice
INT 197M - Topic: Exp Majors and Careers
INT 197N - Topic: Baroque Bravura
INT 197P - Plagues and Pestilence
INT 197Q - Philosophy of Art and in Art
INT 197R - Advocacy and Leadership
INT 197S - Spaceship Earth
INT 197T - Cnflct & Rvltn in Erly Mdrn Eu
INT 197U - The Hmn Idl in France/Britain
INT 197V - Ancient World Empires
INT 197W - Wired: NY to Wrld: Int'l News
INT 197XA - Exploring Our Environment - LC
INT 197Y - Comprtv Racl & Gndr Poltcs
INT 197Z - American Dreams and Realities
INT 198A - Int to Env Studies:Phil,Pol,So
INT 198B - Int to Env Stdy:Phi,Pol,Soc II
INT 198C - Readings in Lit, Cult & Arts
INT 198D - His &Lit of Frce fro Mid to Re
INT 198E - Economic, Political & Social
INT 198F - Cnflct & Rvltn in Erly Amrca
INT 198G - Topic: Nature Exposed
INT 198H - Cmptrs & the Srvllnc Scty
INT 198J - Impressionist & Post-Impressio
INT 198K - Gender and Television
INT 198L - Faith, Society, Conflict
INT 198M - The History, LIT & Culture
INT 198N - Tpc: PACE Prep: A Prep Course
INT 198P - Topic: Viewpointing Emotion
INT 199A - Intro to Environmtl Sci: Bio
INT 199B - Intro to Environmtl Sci: Chem
INT 200 - Special Topics
INT 200A - Tpc: Vietnam Era: Histry & Lit
INT 200B - Topic: Music and Literature
INT 200C - Community: Service/Research
INT 200D - Tpc:German Literature in Music
INT 200E - Special Topics: Just Justice
INT 200F - The Ancient Greek Experience
INT 200G - Tpc: Minorities in America
INT 200H - Spcl Topics: Paris Expatriates
INT 200I - Americn His & Lit 1895-Present
INT 200J - Tpc:American Political Thought
INT 200K - Tpc: Music/History Mdrn Europe
INT 200L - Mstrpcs from World of Lit&Musc
INT 200M - Tpc: Vietnam Era- Histry & Lit
INT 200N - 17th Century Literature/Music
INT 200P - Special Topics: The Civil War
INT 200R - Tpc:Romanticism- Art, Mus, Lit
INT 200S - Tpc:Modern French/American Lit
INT 200T - Tpc: Renaissance Perspectives
INT 200U - Tpc: Greece: A Modern Odyssey
INT 200V - Lit & Histry of Latin America
INT 200W - Tpc:Cncpt of Life & Physcl Sci
INT 200Y - 20th C. Fre,N. Afrn,Amer Fictn
INT 200Z - Love/Risk in Amer,Fre,Rus Fict
INT 201A - Tpc: 20th C. U.S. Histry & Lit
INT 201B - Women in 20th Century His/Lit
INT 201C - Victorianism to Post-Modernism
INT 201D - Environ Prblms/Human Responses
INT 201E - Pursuit of Happiness: Lit/Hist
INT 201F - Service/Stdy in Rio de Janerio
INT 201G - Albania- Country in Transition
INT 201H - Mexico in History & Literature
INT 201J - Topic: Harlem Renaissance
INT 201K - Topic: Baseball
INT 201L - Trip to Appalachia
INT 201M - Topic: The Bible & the Arts
INT 201N - Destination Nicaragua
INT 201P - Tpc: Envirnmntl Politics/Ecnmy
INT 201R - Topics: Medieval Perspectives
INT 201S - Topic: Folk Tales of the World
INT 201T - Fiction in a Frame:Stry Cllctn
INT 201V - The Vietnam Era
INT 202A - Literature,Philosophy,Environm
INT 202B - Tpc: His/Lit of Contemp Spain
INT 202C - Topic: Right/Wrong in Lit/Phi
INT 202D - French and American Fiction
INT 202L - Special Topics in Pol Philo
INT 293 - Science & Technology in Contem
INT 296 - Topics in Interdisciplinary
INT 296A - Lit/Phi Persp on Hebrew Bible
INT 296B - Tpc: Medieval/Renaissance Lit
INT 296C - Art/Literature of Erly England
INT 296D - Exploring Costa Rica
INT 296E - Tpc: His & Rel of Middle East
INT 296F - Third World? Two-Thirds World!
INT 296G - His of Political/Econ Thought
INT 296H - French and Art Literature
INT 296HR - Non-Violent Cnflct Rsltn - LC
INT 296I - Tpc:Envir: Literary & Philophi
INT 296J - Tpc: Oral Literature & History
INT 296K - Tpc: Reading in Caribbean Lit
INT 296L - Mex/Nafta & Sp Crbbean:His/Lit
INT 296M - Intrltnshp of Rlgn & Ltre
INT 296N - Tpc:Multimedia Am Lit:Text,Ima
INT 296O - Tpc: Rus Classics:Lit,Hum,Arts
INT 296P - Tpc:Lit & His of Latin America
INT 296Q - City in Film, Lit & Soc Thry
INT 296R - Topic: Lit & Cult of Ireland
INT 296S - Beyond the Veil: Women in M.E.
INT 296T - Travel Course to Italy
INT 296U - Topics: Seminar - Amer Exp.
INT 296V - Drama in Action: Guerilla Thtr
INT 296W - Children in Urban Society
INT 296X - Physical/Mental Hlth Connectio
INT 296Y - Pol and Eco of The Middle East
INT 296Z - The Good Society
INT 297 - Interdisciplinary Topics
INT 297A - Globalization of Asian Cinemas
INT 297B - America: Empire & Democracy
INT 297C - Intoxns, Altr States, Inspctn
INT 297D - Beats, Bongos, and Buddhism
INT 297E - Greece: Poetry vs.Phlsphy
INT 297F - Jewish People in Life & Lit.
INT 297G - Slavic Civilizations
INT 297H - A United States of Europe?
INT 297J - Performing Identities
INT 297K - 60's: Mysticism, Music, Mdness
INT 297L - Writing in Disciplines: Comm.
INT 297M - World Role of S.Hemisphere
INT 297N - Costa Rica: Peace & Democracy
INT 297P - Pltcs & Cltrs of M.E. & S.A.
INT 297Q - Comm. & Diver: Queer Cultures
INT 297R - Exprnce of Illnss & Dsblty
INT 297S - Splendors of Spain
INT 297T - Inflnce of Mgrtn in U.S. Hstry
INT 297U - Work
INT 297V - Undrstndng Exprnce of Illness
INT 297W - Mss Prdctn/Cnsmr Scty Mdrn Eur
INT 297X - Media & the Politics of War
INT 297Y - Crtve Exprnc:Painting & Poetry
INT 297Z - Existentialsm in Phlsphy & Lit
INT 298A - The Blgy of Scnce Fiction Flm
INT 298B - Modernity and its Critics
INT 298C - Mythology, Mysticism, & Modern
INT 298D - American Diversity
INT 298E - Threshld of Dem-Athens in 403
INT 298F - The Holocaust & Mdrn Genocides
INT 298G - Sacred Knowledge: Findng Cmn G
INT 298H - Hollywood does History
INT 298I - On the Good Life
INT 298J - Love, Lust, War and Magic
INT 298K - Cnqrs and Qns: Ancnt Empr Bldr
INT 298L - Religion in Society
INT 298M - Grt Mgrtn in Amrcn Hstry & Lit
INT 298N - Caught in the Crossfire
INT 298P - Through The Lens: Explrng Film
INT 298Q - Intrntnl Iss in Chld Prtctn
INT 298R - Middle Eastern Cities
INT 298S - Pltcs & Phlsphy of Love & Sex
INT 298T - Reacting to the Past: Adv Tpc
INT 298U - Neglected Landscapes
INT 298V - Where History Meets Legend
INT 298W - Rflctn on Lit thr Phlsphcl Lns
INT 298X - Classical Reacting to the Past
INT 298Y - Lords, Ladies, and Avatars
INT 298Z - Behavioral Economics
INT 299A - Career Planning & Job Search
INT 299B - American Reacting to the Past
INT 299C - Ntns of Slf in Phi & Scl Thry
INT 299D - Prin of Ldrshp: Mobilizing
INT 299E - Topic: Through the Camera's
INT 299F - Cntmpry Spnsh Thtr: Pg to Stg
INT 299G - Tpc: Envrnmnt, Tchnlgy, Scty
INT 299H - Sci & Tchnlgy in Cntmpry Scty
INT 299J - Environmental Clinic I
INT 299K - Narrative Medicine
INT 299M - The Drama of Social Change
INT 300A - Tpc: Music/Society-Mod Europe
INT 300R - Topic: Classic to Romantic
INT 396A - Tpc: Ethical/Ecnmc Challenge
INT 396B - Books that Transform You
INT 396C - Creating Culture and Community
INT 396R - River Semester Capstone
INT 600 - Topics in Interdisciplinary
INT 600N - Topic: Env Politic & Economy
INT 600P - Topic: Educational Technology
INT 600S - Topics: Peace Studies/Teachers
INT 602L - Topic: Political Philosophy
INT 610 - Family Systems Theory/Research
INT 650A - Topic:Music/Society-Mod Europe