Dyson College of Arts and Sciences, Select Majors (BA and BS)/Public Administration, MPA

This combined dual-degree program prepares students for leadership and management positions in government, health care, and nonprofit organizations by integrating relevant tehory with practice. Full-time students may complete this program in five years, thus saving one year of full-time study by taking 12 graduate credits in their undergraduate senior year.

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For the graduate curriculum of this program, please consult the Graduate Viewbook of the Dyson College of Arts and Sciences.

Criminal Justice, BS/MPA

Economics, BA/MPA

Environmental Studies, BA/MPA

History, BA/MPA

Political Science, BA/MPA

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Bachelor of Arts/Master of Public Administration (PLV)

The program prepares students for leadership and management positions in government, health care, and nonprofit organizations through a comprehensive curriculum that integrates relevant theory with practice. Students who wish to complete both a BA in political science and a master’s degree in public administration may pursue the following 151-157 credit combined program. For more information, contact the chairperson of both the Political Science and Public Administration departments.
The following courses are major-specific requirements: SOC 102 (AOK 2), ECO 105, ECO 106 (I&E).
Strongly recommended course is MAT 134 or MAT 234 (AOK 5 or I&E).
(9-12 Credits)
POL 240 Applied Research Methods
(unless MAT 134 or 234 is taken in Dyson Core Curriculum)
Choose three of the following six courses: (9 credits)
POL 111 American Government (3)
POL 118 State & Local Government (3)
POL 222 Issues in Public Policy (3)
POL 244 American Political Thought (3)
POL 302C Workshop Constitutional Law (3)
POL 315 Public Bureaucracy (3)
Elective Courses: 24 credits
Four 100-level and four 200-level Political Science courses.
ACC 204 Managerial Accounting (strongly recommended).
UNV 101 is required of all new freshmen.
Pre-requisite Core Course: (3 credits)
PAA 501 Accounting for Government, Health Care and Not-for-Profits (3)
This course may be waived if ACC 204 is taken as an undergraduate free elective, thereby reducing total number of required credits by three.
Required Core Courses: (All Tracks: 18 credits)
PAA 601 Public Administration and Its Environment (3)
PAA 602 Organization Theory and Management (3)
PAA 603 Economics of Government, Health Care, and Nonprofit Sectors (3)
(only for students in Government & Nonprofit Management tracks)
PAA 666 Health Care Economics (3)
(only for students in Health Care Administration Track)
PAA 604 Budgeting and Financial Analysis (3)
PAA 606 Research Methods (6)
PAA 699 Capstone Project Seminar (6)

Required Major Track: (12-18 credits)
Students choose one of the following three tracks:

Government Track: (12 credits)
PAA 630 Intergovernmental Relations (3)
PAA 631 Law in the Administrative Process (3)
PAA 632 Policy Studies (3)
PAA 644 Seminar in Government Management Topics (3)
Electives: (9 credits)  
PAA ___ Elective (3)
PAA ___ Elective (3)
PAA ___ Elective (3)
Nonprofit Management Track: (12 credits)
PAA 670 The History of Nonprofit Management (3)
PAA 671 Law for Nonprofit Managers (3)
PAA 672 Management Issues in Nonprofit Organizations (3)
PAA 681 Seminar for Nonprofit Management Topics (3)
Electives: (9 credits)  
PAA ___ Elective (3)
PAA ___ Elective (3)
PAA ___ Elective (3)


Health Care Administration Track: (15-18 credits)
PAA 650 The United States Health Care System (3)
PAA 652 Health Policy Studies (3)
PAA 661 Hospital and Health Services Administration (3)
PAA 651 Community Health Assessment (3)
PAA 655 Seminar in Health Services Management (6)
PAA 614 Strategic Planning and Marketing in Health Care (3)
PAA 662 Health Planning (3)
Electives: (6 credits)  
PAA___ Elective (3)
PAA___ Elective (3)
  Total credits 151-157

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