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Biochemistry is the chemistry of life. The nature of life is built upon the chemical processes that allow energy generation which in turn allows complex molecules to be constructed into a web of life. Our Bachelor of Science program in Biochemistry will help you develop the skills to decode this language of life and will lead you through the path of the living cell. Upon completing the program, you’ll be prepared for many careers within the fields of biochemical research, the pharmaceutical industry, and the manufacturing of chemicals, food, and other consumer products, as well as for careers in medicine, dentistry, and allied health care.

This program nurtures curiosity through independent research projects with professors. Our faculty members have active research projects which involve synthesis of bioactive molecules, development of photoactive probes, and modeling of biomolecules. You will have the opportunity to work in the Haskins Laboratories where faculty are actively involved in biochemical studies of parasitic diseases with a view to developing new antimicrobial agents to combat disease by opportunistic infections of AIDS patients, sexually transmitted diseases, and East African sleeping sickness.

For more information, visit www.pace.edu/dyson/chemistrynyc for the New York City program or www.pace.edu/dyson/chemistryplv for the Pleasantville program.

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