School of Education, Childhood Education, BA

One of the most critical professions across the world is that of a teacher. Positive change in our communities, schools, and children will come from you. Our Childhood Education program prepares you to be a self-reflective professional, a promoter of justice, a nurturing classroom provider, and a guide for students to be successful learners beyond the classroom walls.

Our program enables you to complete a bachelor’s degree and be eligible for a certificate in Childhood Education, enabling you to teach in elementary school grades 1 through 6. During your studies, you will concentrate in one of the following:

1. Biology
2. Earth Science
3. English
4. History
5. Mathematics
6. Language and Cognition
7. Language other than English

We get you started with exciting opportunities to be involved with your community and put your skills to practice. A few examples of what we have to offer are working with your classmates at our Westchester Student Teaching Centers, helping the Asian-American children of downtown New York explore their heritage through the much-anticipated Chinese New Year Extravaganza, or being a tutor in the Pace America Reads Program, which was rewarded the Exemplary Program Award by President Bill Clinton and the Department of Education.

Bachelor of Arts ( PLV)

The Childhood Education major prepares candidates for certification to teach in grades 1-6. Combined-degree programs prepare candidates for certification to teach additional grades, levels, or subjects depending on the selection of program. Candidates with interests in additional certificates or extensions should contact an adviser in the School of Education for program specifics. Honors program option worksheets are available in School of Education offices.

Major in childhood education with required concentration in ONE of the following:

Testing-Out of Classes and Waivers
Students may test out of selected courses including ENG 110, TS 105/CIS 101 or a language requirement. Students should discuss these options with their advisers. UNV 101 requirements are waived for all transfer students.
Note: For teaching candidates, University Core second language requirements must be met by two courses in the same language. This requirement may also be met by courses in American Sign Language.


ENG 110 Composition (3)
ENG 120 Critical Writing (4)
ENG 201 Writing in the Disciplines (3)
COM 200 Public Speaking (3)
Second Language Proficiency (6 credits)
MAT 109A or higher (3)
TS 105 or CIS 101 Computing (4-3)
BIO 123 Human Biology and Contemporary Science (3)

AREAS OF KNOWLEDGE (AOK) - (25 credits)
Area 1: Civic Engagement and Public Values
TCH 201 Education 1: Understanding Schools (4)
Area 2: Western Heritage
HIS 113B American Diversity section only (3)
Area 3: World Traditions
(See list of courses for AOK3.) (3)
Area 4: Humanistic and Creative Expressions
(See list of courses for AOK 4.) (3)
Area 5: Analysis of Human, Social, and Natural Phenomena
PSY 302 Child Development (3)
In-Depth Sequence (9)
THREE courses from the 30 credits required in the chosen arts and sciences concentration apply toward the In-depth sequence and AOK.

Any nonlab (or lab) Science (3)
HIS 367 History and Geography of New York State (3)
ONE of the following:
HIS 111 American Civilization to 1877 (3)
HIS 112 American Civilization Since 1877 (3)
Any literature course (3)
CSD 352 Language Development and Disorders in the School-Aged Child (3)
MAT 109B (exempt if Foundations Math was pre-calculus or higher) (3)
TWO courses from the 30 credits required in the chosen arts and sciences concentration apply toward Inquiry and Exploration. (6)

CONCENTRATION (2-15 credits)
Remaining courses to complete the 30 credit arts and sciences concentration.


TCH 211A and B Professional Seminar 2 and 3 (1)
TCH 301 Understanding Learning and Teaching (4)
TCH 302 Introduction to Special Education (4)
TCH 310 Emergent and Early Literacy (4)
TCH 350 Math Methods: An Integrated Approach (4)
TCH 410 Teaching Fluent Readers (4)
TCH 420 Science Methods: An Integrated Approach (4)
TCH 440 Social Studies Methods: An Integrated Approach (4)
TCH 490 Language Arts and Children's Literature (4)
Student Teaching
TCH 498 Final Apprenticeship Seminar (8)
Electives (0-20 credits)
UNV 101 Introduction to the University Community (1)


Learning Community (LC) Requirement
ONE Learning Community Course
Writing-Enhanced Courses Requirement
TWO Writing-Enhanced Courses indicated by (W)

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Pace admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.

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