Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems, Information Technology, BS

Information Technology, BS
(Effective fall 2010)
Campus Location: New York and Pleasantville

The Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems has responded to the growing market for competent information technology (IT) professionals by developing the BS in Information Technology.  Beginning fall 2010, students will be able to pursue this exciting new degree program characterized by flexibility, hands-on practical projects, and a real-world internship option.  The program allows them to combine an area of personal interest with a solid foundation in IT in preparation for careers that are satisfying, financially rewarding and in demand.

Objectives of the BS in Information Technology

Graduates of the BS/IT program will be able to:

  1. Explain and apply appropriate information technologies and employ appropriate methods to help an individual or organization achieve its goals and objectives.
  2. Help provide solutions to stakeholder technology issues.
  3. Manage the information technology resources of an individual or organization.
  4. Anticipate the changing direction of information technology, and evaluate and communicate the likely usefulness of new technologies to an individual or organization.
  5. Understand the scientific and theoretical foundations on which information technologies are built.
  6. Live and work as a contributing, well-rounded, ethically responsible member of society.

Expected Outcomes

Students in the BS in Information Technology learn to select, create, apply, integrate and administer computing technologies for individuals and organizations thereby assuring that all applications work efficiently and effectively in all sectors of society.

For additional information about the program, contact the following individuals:

Daniel Farkas, PhD  
Chair, Department of Information Technology 
Pleasantville Campus   
(914) 773-3723        
John Molluzzo, PhD
Chair, Department of Information Technology
New York City Campus
(212) 346-1780

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(60 Credits)


Required Core Courses for IT Majors:
MAT 104 Finite Math (3)
MAT 117 Statistics (4)
CIT 110 Introduction to Information Technology (writing enhanced) (3)

IT FOUNDATION (20 credits)
CIT 211 Introduction to Computer Systems (4)
CIT 221 Global Networking Technology (4)
CIT 231 Web Authoring and Digital Media (4)
CIT 241 Database Management (4)
CIT 251 Computer Security Overview (4)

IT CAREER FOCUS (Minimum 3 courses in one focus area totaling 10-12 credits)

Security Focus
CIT 312 Introduction to Programming I (4)
CIT 352 Network and Internet Security (3)
CIT 354 Computer Forensics (3)
CIT 356 Operating Systems Concepts (4)

Web and Digital Media Focus
CIT 322 Distributed Computing (4)
CIT 332 Multimedia and User Interface Design (4)
CIT 334 Technical Writing (4)
CIT 336 Web Scripting (4)
CIT 338 Ubiquitous Computing (4)
CIT 344 Project Management (4)

Networking Focus
CIT 312 Introduction to Programming I (4)
CIT 322 Distributed Computing (4)
CIT 352 Network and Internet Security (3)

Information Management Focus
CIT 340 Data Analysis and Visualization (4)
CIT 342 Systems Analysis and Design (4)
CIT 344 Project Management (4)
CIT 346 Database Programming (4)
CIT 348 Data Mining (4)

Problem Solving and Systems Focus
CIT 312 Introduction to Programming I (4)
CIT 314 Introduction to Programming II (4)
CIT 316 Visual Basic Programming (4)

INTERDISCIPLINARY FOCUS - Design a 3-course sequence at the 200-level from any discipline (with the approval of the department chair) totaling a minimum of 9 credits.
Two possibilities are:

Criminal Justice
CRJ 150 Intro to Criminal Justice (3)
CRJ 247 Introduction to Private Security (3)
CRJ 346 Terrorism and Society (3)

Management Science

MGT 355 Management Science and Production Management Concepts (3)
MGT 356 Simulation Techniques (3)
MGT 456 Advanced Operations Research Models (3)

Capstone Project

Comprehensive Project (4)
Supervised Internship (4)

FREE ELECTIVES (23-25 credits)


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