Dyson College of Arts and Sciences, Psychology, BA/Psychology, MA

This 153-credit accelerated dual-degree program in Psychology, BA and Psychology, MA provides highly motivated students with the variety of skills and resources needed to further explore the field of Psychology. It will expand your knowledge of contemporary psychological theories and perspectives and develop your analytical skills, and it also will be useful for students intent on advancing their careers and/or who eventually may seek to further their study of psychology at the doctoral level. Our outstanding faculty aim to encourage professionalism and an appreciation of the discipline.

Students in this program do not obtain the BA degree in their senior year. Instead, they obtain both the BA and MA degrees upon completion of all program requirements. Interested undergraduates should meet with a department advisor early in their first year of study for information about the application process.

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Bachelor of Arts in Psychology/Master of Arts in Psychology
Must include PSY 110 and PSY111
Undergraduate Major Courses

Required Courses

Undergraduate: (21 credits)
PSY 205 Statistics in Psychology, Education, & Allied Fields (4)
PSY 308 History and Systems of Psychology (3)
PSY 311 Physiological Psychology (3)
PSY 315 Cognitive Psychology (3)
PSY 380-381 Experimental Psychology I & II (8)

Major Electives:

Undergraduate: (3 credits)
ONE course must be taken from the following list:
PSY 302 Child Psychology (3)
PSY 304 Social Psychology (3)
PSY 306 Psychological Testing (3)
PSY 307 Psychology of Personality (3)
PSY 320 Abnormal Psychology (3)
PSY 323 Psychology of Learning (3)
PSY 321 Abnormal Psychology II (3)

*[NOTE: Students accepted to the Combined BA/MA Program take 12 graduate (MA) credits to be taken in the undergraduate’s senior year from the list of required MA courses (two in the fall, two in the spring).]
Graduate Courses (MA):
Required Courses: (18 credits)
PSY 604 Developmental Psychology(3)
PSY 612 Neuropsychology (3)
PSY 615 Research Design & Statistics I(3)
PSY 624 Cognitive Psychology (3)
PSY 623 Social Psychology (3)
PSY 625 Personality Theories (3)
*Elective Courses: (18 credits)
SIX courses must be taken from the following list:
PSY 608 Community Psychology(3)
PSY 616 Research Design and Statistics II (3)
(Prerequisite: PSY 615)
PSY 617 Psychology of Learning (3)
PSY 618 Community Mental Health (3)
PSY 619 Community Resources: Interagency (3)
Coordination in the Delivery of Services
PSY 621 Psychological Measurement (3)
PSY 626 Forensic Psychology (3)
PSY 646 Critical Thinking (3)
PSY 656 Developmental Disabilities (3)
PSY 667 Multicultural/Gender Issues (3)
PSY 680 Program Evaluation (3)
PSY 681 Organizational Psychology (3))
PSY 682 Personnel Psychology (3)
PSY 683 Organizational Development (3)
PSY 684 Occupational Health Psychology (3)
PSY 691 Practicum in Psychology (3)
PSY 695 Independent Study (3)
PSY 696 Special Topics (3)
PSY 699 MA Thesis (3)
(Prerequisites: PSY 615 and PSY 616; PSY 616 and PSY 699 may be taken concurrently)

*Additional elective courses may be utilized based in evaluation by the MA Coordinator and Director of Graduate Programs.

Open Electives (BA):
Undergraduate open electives must be taken, which may or may not be a psychology course. It is suggested that students choose from undergraduate psychology electives offered. (See the undergraduate catalogue for a list.)


Breakdown of Credits:
B.A. Credits (Undergraduate core, and major courses)
M.A. Credits
Open Electives (B.A.)

Total Credits B.A. + M.A.

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Pace admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.

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