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Pace University offers three degree programs specifically designed to meet the needs of adult students:  the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies, the Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies, and the online Bachelor of Science in Professional Communication Studies.

Besides providing flexibility in scheduling, including a number of online courses using Web-based instruction, these programs offer students the opportunity to transfer in a large number of credits earned at other institutions and also to receive college credits for knowledge accumulated as a result of life experience.

In the Liberal Studies and Professional Studies programs, when knowledge gained through Experiential Learning can be demonstrated, documented, evaluated, and deemed to be in accordance with the curriculum and standards of the University, students may receive up to 36 college credits toward either degree.  The B.S. in Professional Communication Studies is particularly attractive to adults who already have accumulated an associated degree or its equivalent (64 credits) and are interested in an accelerated baccalaureate completion program that is offered online.  For further information on these programs, please consult the academic advisor in the Office of the Dean, Dyson College of Arts and Sciences.

Liberal Studies, BA
The B.A program in Liberal Studies requires the completion of 120 credits of coursework.  It is highly attractive to adult students who may be pursuing a career but wish to complete an undergraduate major that offers a great deal of flexibility in scheduling and formats (i.e., on-site, online, and blended courses) and may accommodate transfer, CLEP, and Experiential Learning credits. This program recognizes that adult students often have accumulated considerable knowledge from life experience.  As a result, if such knowledge can be demonstrated, documented, evaluated, and deemed to be in accordance with the University’s curriculum and standards, the student may receive towards the degree up to 36 college credits, and 16 of these may be used to satisfy advanced coursework Requirements in the major.

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Pace admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.

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