Dyson College of Arts and Sciences, Sociology / Anthropology, BA

Students of sociology are interested in the structure and conflicts of societies. Students of anthropology gain an evolutionary, comparative, and comprehensive view of their own society and of other societies in our world. Our unique blend of intriguing coursework, challenging research, and rewarding internships will provide you with a dynamic and practical understanding of the diverse social and cultural world in which we live.

Internships made available to students include such diverse organizations as the Museum of Natural History, the United Nations, Planned Parenthood, the Henry Street Settlement, and many more.

Co-curricular activities in this area include the Gemeinschaft Society for the Study of Sociology and Anthropology, founded by students and faculty members, which sponsors panel discussions and film screenings and organizes community service and social events.

For more information, visit www.pace.edu/dyson/socanthro.

Bachelor of Arts (NYC)

Prepares students for exciting careers in law, teaching, business, social work, public management, urban planning and human relations. While students are given an enhanced view of global and social issues including cultural diversity, race relations, gender issues, criminology, family and social problems, many go on for advanced graduate work in the field or related areas.
Required Courses: (12 credits)
ANT 101 Introduction to Anthropology (3)
SOC 102 Introduction to Sociology (3)
SOC 323 Social Theories (3)
SOC 380 Social Research Methods (3)
Major Electives: (24 credits)
TWO of the following courses:
ANT 108 Global Culture and Local Identities (3)
ANT 115 The Family (3)
ANT 120 People and Cultures of the Middle East (3)
ANT 210 Urban Ethnography (3)
ANT 296/297 Topics in Anthropology (3)
SIX courses (18 credits) with the prefix of ANT and/or SOC.
Total credits

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