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This is a multidisciplinary program that includes courses in History, Economics, Modern Languages and Cultures, Anthropology, English, Psychology, Environmental Studies, and Fine Arts, together with "LAS" interdisciplinary offerings. In 2002, the program's strong interdisciplinary learning, language proficiency, and civic engagement aspects won a prestigious federal grant. It is a term credential for degree and nondegree students, and depending on course scheduling it may be completed in one or two semesters.

LAS Certificate holders possess superior preparation for specialization in the Latin American region or US Latino issues. Examples of career opportunities in business and education include international management, finance, marketing, and world trade; diplomacy and law; and community nursing, speech therapy, and clinical psychology. The certificate also will enhance liberal arts education in such fields as History, Political Science, Sociology, Anthropology, languages, Economics, and Environmental Science. 


Requirements (18 credits):
Foundation Courses (9 Credits)


Students must take at least one course from each of Groups A and B below.
Group A
SPA 263 Spanish for Native Speakers (3)
SPA 280 Intensive Review of Spanish (3)
SPA 283 Intermediate Spanish Conversation (3)
SPA 284 Intermediate Spanish Composition (3)
Group B
HIS 133 Latin America: The Colonial Era (3)
HIS 134 Modern Latin America (3)
HIS 231 Latin America: A Century of Social Change and Revolution (3)
ANT 296H The Traditional and Modern Cultures of Latin America and the Caribbean (3)
LAS 101 The Other "America": Introduction to Latin American Studies (6)

Advanced Courses (9 credits)
Students take at least one course from each of Groups C and D below.
Group C
SPA 311 Introduction to Latin American Culture (3)
SPA 319
Masterpieces of Spanish-American Literature I (3)

SPA 320 Masterpieces of Spanish-American Literature II (3)
SPA 321 The Literature and Culture of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean (3)
SPA 323 Modern Latin American Prose (3)
SPA 344 The Short Story and Essay in Spanish America (3)
SPA 345 Latin American Theater (3)
SPA 347 The Culture of Mexico (3)
SPA 154V Latin American Cinema (3)
SPA 154Q Negotiating Borders: Latino Film of the United States (3)
SPA 346 Hispanic Literature and Culture in the United States (3)
LAS 150 Modern Latin American Divas: Female Social, Political & Cultural Leadership In Republican Era (6)
LAS 210 “Luz, Camara, Accion!”: Film as Mirror of Social Change in Latin American History and Culture (6)
LAS 220 Caribbean Transnational Cultures: The History, Literature & Film of the Spanish Caribbean (6)
LIT 211J American Voices: Introduction to Latino/-a Literature in the United States (3)
SPA 480C Love and Repression in Modern Latin American and Caribbean Literature and Film (3)
SPA 480D Magical Realism in Latin American and Caribbean Literature and Film (3)
SPA 480F Latin American Literature and Film of the 20th Century: The Andean World (3)
POR 154A More than Carnival: Contemporary Brazilian Literature and Culture (3)

Group D

HIS 234 Brazilian Civilization (3)
HIS 243 Service and Study in Latin America (3)
LAS 250 History and Environmental Policy: The Case of the South American Rain Forest(6)
ART 296Q Latin American Art (3)
LAS 201 Latin America, the Caribbean and the World (6)
LAS 230 "So Far from God; So Close to Uncle Sam": Mexico in History and Literature (6)
ECO 359 Political Economy of Developing Nations (3)
ANT 296K Latino Families in Cross-Cultural Perspective (3)
PSY 296A Psychology of Ethnic Minorities: The Latino Experience (3)
ART 114 Latin American Art (3)
LAS 296A Latin Immigration to the USA: Perspectives on the US's Largest Ethnic Minority (3)

Total Credits: 18

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