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Forensic science means using science to address matters of the law. Much depends on the precision and integrity of the forensic scientist since advances in the field have drastically changed how criminal investigations are done. Now, physical evidence found at crime scenes (independent of other knowledge) routinely leads investigators to the suspect.

Graduates from Pace University’s MS program in Forensic Science have all the required coursework needed to begin actively working in a forensic lab. They have employment opportunities in medical examiners’ offices and in police and FBI laboratories, many locally here in New York City. While enrolled in the program, students who have completed prerequisites are placed in forensic labs in and around New York City (and are eligible elsewhere) for mandatory summer internship experience in solving and dealing with forensic issues.

Prerequisites: students with a BS in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or in other scientific disciplines may enter the Master's degree program but must complete some undergraduate prerequisite courses in Forensic Science (FOR 251, 252, 351).

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Pace University’s M.S. in Forensic Science program has been designed with the mission of training new leaders for a profession that demands the highest levels of integrity and precision. The program provides the aspiring forensic scientist with the knowledge base, expertise, and networking opportunities that will lead to a successful and satisfying career. For the forensic scientist already in the profession, the program provides a valuable educational credential and network base with which to advance his/her professional activities. Unlike other Forensic Science programs, Pace’s program does not compel students to specialize in one area. Rather, it provides a comprehensive overview that is strong in the foundational sciences, thereby allowing students to find employment in almost every facet of forensic science. Additionally, it also prepares students for law and medical education.

Required Courses
FOR 696A Special Topics in Forensic Science I
FOR 610
Professional Issues in Forensic Science
FOR 615 Separations Chemistry
FOR 798 Thesis I
FOR 696B Special Topics in Forensic Science II
FOR 666
Crime Scene Reconstruction
FOR 620 Analytical Spectroscopy
FOR 799 Thesis II

Total Credits for M.S.

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Pace admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.

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