Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems, Object-Oriented Programming (Advanced)


There is a continuing need for programmers. Even when demand for personnel declines in other fields, that for programmers remains strong. Some people, with training in fields other than computer science, are unable to complete a full program in computer science. The Advanced Certificate in Object-Oriented Programming would better serve their needs.

Pace's Computer Science Departments have designed a five-course sequence that teaches students to program in an object-oriented language and includes a course in data structures and algorithms with two additional electives. The choice of electives is made in consultation with the department chair.


The following courses are required:

CS 502 Fundamentals of Programming
CS 504 Advanced Programming
CS 608 Algorithms and Computing Theory
CS Two Electives
Total Credits

For students with advanced preparation, other courses from the MS in Computer Science program may be substituted for any of the three required courses with the permission of the department chair. Any student who wishes to pursue the MS in Computer Science or Telecommunications after satisfactorily completing the certificate requirements will be sufficiently prepared to matriculate in either program provided all other admission requirements are satisfied.*

* Any student who wishes to earn both an advanced certificate and an MS degree through the Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems must take an additional elective beyond the stated requirements for each program.

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