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The minor in Sports Marketing provides students with the unique opportunity to combine out of classroom experiential learning opportunities with specialized knowledge gained in classes led by faculty specialists in their field. The minor is open to non-marketing majors in Lubin, as well as to Dyson majors and other non-business students.

Required Courses (9 credits)

MAR 250 Principles of Marketing
MAR 364 Sports Marketing (3 credits)
MAR 366 Sports Sponsorship

Elective Courses (6 credits)
Select any TWO courses from the following:
MAR 321 Fundamentals of Advertising and Promotion
MAR 331 Marketing Management
MAR 332 Selling and Sales Management
MAR 342 Public Relations
MAR 343 Direct Marketing
MAR 351 International Marketing
MAR 363 Special Events Marketing
LAW 317 Sports and Entertainment Law
MAR 394 Internship
MGT 316 Venture Initiation and Entrepreneurship
MGT 365 Managerial Negotiations
MGT 371 Managing Entertainment Projects