[Melissa Cardon  
Melissa S. Cardon
Professor of Management
Business Honors Program Director, Pleasantville
Address: Pace University - Pleasantville campus
Room 112, Goldstein Academic Center
861 Bedford Road
Pleasantville, NY 10570
Phone: 914-773-3618
E-mail: mcardon@pace.edu

Lubin Faculty Expert

Joined Lubin 2005

Biography (.doc)


PhD, Organizational Behavior, Columbia University, 2001
MBA, Human Resources, Case Western Reserve University, 1994
BA, Political Science, Case Western Reserve University, 1993


MGT 250 Managerial and Organizational Concepts
MGT 362 Human Resource Management
MGT 366 Leadership Principles and Practices
MGT 650 Labor Relations and Bargaining
HON 499 Honors Research Methods
MGT 365 Managerial Negotiations
MGT 835 Doctoral Seminar in Organizational Behavior

Research Interests:

Entrepreneurial passion and motivation
HR management in entrepreneurial firms
Organizational socialization

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