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[Martin Topol
Martin Topol
An expert in the areas of direct marketing, interactive marketing, e-business, retail planning, and qualitative marketing research. Dr. Martin T. Topol is the Chair of the Marketing Department at the Lubin School of Business.
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Accounting Experts
Kam Chan - capital market research in financial accounting, corporate finance, investments
Samir El-Gazzar - capital market-based accounting
Rudolph Jacob - financial accounting, managerial accounting, international accounting issues, accounting education
John Lee - cost accounting, cost management
Picheng Lee - earnings management, accounting regulation, corporate governance
Kaustav Sen - stock price anomalies, corporate governance practices, financial reporting

Economics Experts
Arthur Centonze - economics, public policy, and management, urban economic development, business accreditation issues

Finance Experts
Lewis Altfest - personal financial planning
Ronald Filante - SEC litigation, NASD arbitration, financial planning
Aron Gottesman - financial markets, financial intermediation, mutual funds, financial products, financial strategies and the Dodd Frank Act
Iuliana Ismailescu - emerging markets
Ray Lopez - finance, financial strategy
Edmund Mantell - decision-making under uncertainty in financial markets, allocation of resources influenced by law and regulatory intervention, stochastic processes and financial markets
Matthew Morey - mutual funds, international finance
P.V. Viswanath - margin policy and dividend policy, intersection of religion and economics and finance, ancient economies

International Business Experts
Robert Vambery - skills and strategies required for a global corporation, international marketing, the marketing of large size loans, international debt defaults, the causes of the trade deficits of the United States, and global competition in strategic industries

Legal Studies and Taxation Experts
Roy Girasa - cyberlaw, international business law, securities law
Jessica Magaldi - technology law and intellectual property licensing, corporate governance, employment law

Management Experts
Bruce Bachenheimer - entrepreneurship, management and strategy
Daniel Baugher - technology in higher education and in the development of work standards and performance appraisal systems
Narendra Bhandari - job outsourcing, job insourcing, job retention, job creation, balance of payment equilibrium in international trade
Vasanthakumar Bhat - public policy issues in environmental management, health care and financial services
Larry Bridwell - strategic management of high technology businesses, the impact of government policy on corporations and society
John Byrne - pharmaceutical/biotechnology industries, organizational and team learning, emotional intelligence and peer feedback
Susanna Cahn - business ethics, operations management
Melissa Cardon - entrepreneurial passion and motivation, human resources management, organizational socialization
Imran Chowdhury - social entrepreneurship, social responsibility, business in emerging economies
Alan Eisner - organizational learning, business and technology strategies, entrepreneurship
Casey Frid - entrepreneurship, public policy
Barry Gold - organizational behavior, organization theory, organizational change, qualitative research methods
Claudia Green - sustainable hospitality and tourism development
Alvin Hwang - management development, technology and learning, cross cultural differences, leadership and organizational learning
Eric Kessler - management of innovation and technology
Chu-Hua Kuei - operations planning and analysis
Theresa Lant - managerial decision making, organizational learning, strategic adaptation
Christian Madu - technology transfer and management issues, total quality management, statistical applications
Joseph M. Pastore, Jr. - corporate strategy, public policy, dispute resolution
Noushi Rahman - business policy and strategy, social issues in management
Katherine Richardson - organizational stressors and employee well-being, mobile communications technology in the workplace, Conservation of Resources theory
Ibraiz Tarique - talent management, developing high potential employees, dynamic global and managerial competencies

Marketing Experts
Karen Berger - promotion, e-commerce and telemarketing, ethics
Larry Chiagouris - consumer behavior, marketing research, advertising, interactive marketing and technology
Paul Kurnit - marketing, advertising, entertainment marketing
Mary Long - online consumer behavior, business-to business marketing, services marketing
Carl Malinowski - marketing ethics and research, consumer behavior
Harvey Markovitz - direct interactive integrated marketing and advertising, selling and sales management, entrepreneurial marketing, and building student-run marketing centers
Randi Priluck - assurance of learning, relationship marketing, advertising and consumer learning, and social media and mobile marketing
Martin Topol - direct marketing, interactive marketing, e-business, retail planning, qualitative marketing research
Kathryn Winsted - service and international marketing