The deadline for this round of Figueroa Family
Scholarships is September 8, 2014 at 5:00 p.m.
International Travel Scholarship Application
The Lubin School of Business, through a grant received from the Figueroa Family Fund, is awarding scholarships for International Field Studies. Students who are eligible can expect to receive $1,500 per International Field Study.

The Fall 2014 semester will also feature scholarships made available from the Nancy and Gene Celentano Fund. These scholarships will be available exclusively for students enrolled in the course traveling to Dubai and Doha. Students who are eligible can expect to receive $2,000 per international field study.

These scholarships are administered through Lubin's Center for Global Business Programs.

Download the application instructions (.pdf) before you apply. You will receive a confirmation e-mail after you submit this form.

Registration information:
I am a Lubin student
    (Lubin majors only - Lubin minors do not qualify)
I am applying for a Fall 2014 Field Study
I have submitted a current FAFSA application to the financial aid office
I have accrued at Pace a minimum of 12 credits (for undergraduates)
     or 9 credits (for graduates)
I have previously accepted a Figueroa Field Study Award
Academic standing and affiliation: (check all that apply)
Undergraduate - Lubin Business Honors Program
Combined BBA/MBA
Other (Pforzheimer Honors College, Beta Gamma Sigma, etc.):
Travel Destination(s):
  1.  London and Brussels - Marketing
       (undergraduate MAR 356)
  2.  Dubai and Doha - Finance* - $1,500 Figueroa Scholarship
       (undergraduate FIN 360, graduate FIN 680V)
  3.  Dubai and Doha - Finance* - $2,000 Celentano Scholarship
       (undergraduate FIN 360, graduate FIN 680V)
* If you are traveling to Dubai and Doha, please apply for either the Figueroa or the Celentano scholarship, not both.
Personal and contact information:
First name
Last name
Today's date  
Street Address
ZIP code  (first 5 digits only)
Preferred e-mail  (you will receive a confirmation message)
Major  (you may enter 'Undecided')
Minor  (if no minor, leave blank)
Credits accrued  (Pace credits earned as of today's date)
Graduation date   (actual or expected graduation date)
QPA   Select your QPA as of today's date. Applicants with QPA below 3.0 will NOT be considered.
IMPORTANT: Please copy and paste a brief essay (5,500 characters maximum). You must address the following points in order to be considered for a scholarship:
  1. How do you anticipate that this international experience will affect your professional business career development (currently or in the future)?
  2. How do you anticipate that this international experience will affect your personal development?
  3. What skills, experience or insights do you think you will bring back to Lubin that will, in turn, enrich your knowledge as a "global citizen?"
  4. Be sure to include your field study destination - city and country - and your reasons for wanting to travel there in your essay
  5. Please inform us of any extracurricular activities (academic, professional, or voluntary) which are not apparent from your academic records.
  6. Please let us know of any financial circumstances that you or your family has encountered which may not be apparent from your FAFSA.
(After 5,500 characters including spaces, your essay will not be visible to the committee. Please be sure to use a character count in your word processing software before you paste in your essay.)
If you have problems with this form, e-mail Liza Vorokhobova
at for assistance.