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In the business world, change is the only constant. Corporate and continuing education focuses on increasing the level of skills, knowledge and abilities in individuals and on the success of organizations that employ them. The Pace Center for Business and Technology (PCBT) was founded in 1984 to respond to the growing need for non-credit education in business around the world. Our clients include companies of all sizes, schools systems, government and non-profit organizations.
PCBT understands how companies benefit from professional education and uses the resources of Pace University to offer business and technology programs within a strategic framework that is marked by flexibility and attention to each client's needs. New training and technology skills are needed in order to discover, appreciate and communicate information quickly and accurately. Help your employees to broaden their knowledge and skills; the Pace Center for Business and Technology can be your partner in meeting this challenge.
Why Pace?
  • Cost savings and flexible scheduling
  • Classes with an emphasis on quality of instruction
  • Content and training plan focused to meet your organization's exact needs
  • Flexibility in location (NYC/ Westchester campus, client's site) and delivery (in person or WebEx)
  • Emphasis on practical training focused on acquiring skills immediately useful on workplace
  • Availability of additional and expanded topics
  • Certificate of Completion from Pace University
  • Continuing Professional Education (CPE) for recognized classes

Customized training stretches each training dollar you spend by addressing only the specific applications your employees need to be successful. We help you assess the current skill level of your employees and plan cost-effective programs that deal with those needs in manageable increments. We can provide problems and simulations that utilize your own data. In addition, we can provide floor support, telephone support, and online support when needed.

We pride ourselves on the fine quality of our work, combining excellent teaching, instructional materials, well equipped and maintained computer classrooms, and close attention to the needs of our clients.

How can we help in your company's success?
Please call: 914-422-4054
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