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Advanced Access

Course Format

Two Days (9am- 4pm); offered Monday-Friday; Instructor-led. Class runs from 9am-4pm.

COST: $475

You Will Learn To

  • Create a Lookup Field
  • Set field properties including Input Masks, Validation, etc.
  • Create advanced forms with Tabbed Controls, Combo Boxes, etc.
  • Create Imbedded Forms
  • Use Grouping and Parameters in queries
  • Create advanced reports with Calculated Fields, Can Grow, Page Breaks, etc.
  • Customize Quick Access Toolbar
  • Create Macros, Command Buttons and a Switchboard
  • Create and use Query by form

Who Should Enroll

Access users who are familiar with the basic concepts and design of tables, queries, forms, and reports and want to enhance and expand their skills.
Prerequisite: Introduction to Access or equivalent knowledge

Course Description

Advanced Access is a two day course designed to enhance the skills you have learned in Introduction to Microsoft Access or with equivalent experience.  You will extend your knowledge into more specialized and advanced capabilities of Access by structuring existing data, writing advanced queries, working with macros, enhancing forms and reports, and maintaining the database. This course will take you to the next level of database functionality.

Detailed Course Outline

Customizing Access
Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
Access Options
The Trust Bar
Field Properties
Lookup Tables
Input Masks
Validation Rules
Captions, Defaults, and Required
Advanced Forms
 Embedded Forms
Customizing a Form using Design View
Aligned Controls
Tabbed Controls
Tab Order
Combo Boxes
Option Buttons
Toggle Buttons
Advanced Queries
Calculations in Queries
Summary Calculations and Grouping
Update Queries
Parameter Queries
Advanced Reports and the Expression Builder
Calculated Fields and their Properties
The Expression Builder
 Hide Duplicates
Can Shrink
Can Grow
Page Breaks and Force New Page
Macros, Command Buttons, and the Switchboard Manager
Command Buttons
Embedded Macros
The Switchboard Manager
Stand Alone Macros
Running Macros with Toolbar Buttons 
Multiple Macros on One Sheet
Query by Form
Query by Form
Conditional Macros

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