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CMS Web Application Development

Course Format

This 72 hour - Certificate in CMS Web Application Development class meets twice per week on Monday and Wednesday evenings at our Midtown Center location (New York, NY ).  This is an instructor-led course.

Evening classes: 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm (2.5 hours)   Five hours per week for 14 weeks.  

Cost: $2950

You Will Learn To

Students will learn how to: Plan, design, build and maintain websites using CMS (Content Management Systems) and CMF (Content Management Frameworks) systems.

Who Should Enroll

Students who have taken the Adobe Web Design course or have the equivalent experience and have solid skills in Dreamweaver, CSS, HTML and basic knowledge of PHP.  This is an intermediate to advanced course.  

 This CMS Web Application Development course is also for web designers (and others) wishing to understand site creation with Content Management Systems and to expand their skills by creating CMS-driven sites built with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, ModX, Stripe, Magento and others.

  • Web designers / developers looking to extend their knowledge and skills
  • Prior WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, etc. users or administrators looking for better understanding and more control of their sites
  • Tech-savvy individuals with a solid knowledge of core Web skills (such as FTP and HTML, CSS, Javascript) with tolerance for a steep learning curve

Course Description

Content Management Systems have gained in popularity as the number of robust and complex websites continues to grow. Students will cover the lifecycle of web sites, including their creation, management, distribution, and publishing of content. 
This extensive hands-on course will cover award winning open source CMS applications such as Joomla, Drupal, Magento and Wordpress and others.  Students will build a number of high performance web application components and sites throughout the course.  As a final project, students will build a full web application of their choice.
Students will explore Open source Content Management Systems (CMS), Content Management Frameworks (CMF), and Web Content Management (WCM) in Java, .Net, Ruby, Python, and PHP. Student exercises include how to interact, and engage and contribute to online communities and projects. The course will cover the various technologies and the resources available to developers.

Detailed Course Outline

Web Standards and Database Driven Applications
     History of the Internet
     Page layouts, Fluid and Dynamic
     CSS Hacks and Bug Fixes
     CSS3 Design Galleries
     Web Typography, Fonts, Elements, Usability, and Accessibility
     Web Standards Compliance, Validation, HTTP request/response cycle
     Static and Dynamic Site Concepts
     Document Object Model and Ajax
     MODx Revolution Overview
     MVC (Model View Controller) Architectural Pattern
     ORM (Object Relational Mapper)
     Online Javascript Cloud IDE
     Introduction to Git Client Version Control
    960 Grid System, 1140 Grid System, Blueprint Framework, YUI 2, YAML, FEM
    CSS Frameworks, Grids, Generators, and Tools
    CSS Positioning, Floats, and Property Basics
    Revolution Tag Syntax
    Information Architecture Concepts
    Custom Fonts with CSS3, sIFR, Cufon, and ITR
HTMLtables, forms, andvalidation
     Cloud IDE Code anywhere with FTP (HTML, PHP, Javascript, CSS, and XML)
     jQuery and Form Validation Techniques
     Sorting HTML Tables
     Dynamically Sorting Rows
     Utilizing server data sources
     Custom pagination controls
     Multi-column sorting
     HTML5 Attributes, Properties, Tags and Semantics
     HTML5 Specification Documentation
     HTML Images, Lists, Markup, Doctypes, Elements, and Basics
    Printer Friendly Web Documents
    HTML5 Open Source Galleries
    Javascript Debugging with JS Bin
    Accessibility Testing
    Accessibility Basics
    Validating your HTML
    HTML Templates and Navigation Constructs
    Generic containers - div and span elements
    Lesser-known semantic elements
    HTML Forms - the basics
    HTML Tables
    HTML Links
     Javascript interpreter & debugging tool
     CodeRun Studio IDE
     CSS Layout, Box, Border, Margin, Padding
     Text Styling with CSS
     Inheritance and Cascade
     CSS Basics
CSS Positioning and Layouts
     CSS Terms and Definitions
     CSS3 Media Queries for Mobile
     Site Components, headers, footers, columns, and templates
     CSS absolute and fixed positioning
     Static and relative positioning
     Floats and clearing
     Form design, layout, and presentation with CSS
     Styling tables
     Styling lists and links
     CSS Background images
     Kodingen Cloud Development Environment
Javascript Core Skills
     jQuery and asking for help
     Common Javascript Mistakes
     Server-side Javascript development and hosting
     Programming Basics
     Programming to learn programming and enjoy learning
      Graceful degradation and progressive enhancement
     introduction to Javscript
     Javascript animation
     Handling events with Javascript
     Dynamic style - manipulating CSS with Javascript
     Creating and modifying HTML
     Traversing the DOM
     Objects in Javascript
     Javascript functions
     Principles of unobtrusive Javascript
     Javascript best practices
Mobile Web Development
    Mobile emulators and simulators
    Application performance on mobile devices
    Mobile template design examples
    Detect Mobile Browsers, user agent detection - feature detection and browser detection
    Use mobile-specific HTML, CSS, and Javascript
    Mobile javascript libraries, Sencha, jQTouch, XUI, iUI, jQuery Mobile, etc.
Implementing Original Designs
     CSS3 Cross-Browser Strategies and Rule Generators
     Mobile javascript framework - Zepto, by Thomas Fuchs
     HTML5 and CSS3 with Modernizr, PIE3, Selectivizr, etc.
     Chop original design into Wordpress Theme
     Convert design to CMS Template or Theme
     Front End Code Samples
     Estimating length of effort and requirements
     Project: Create hand code web service application
     Mobile web optimization techniques
     Open source template resources
     Web design: positioning
     Prototype and proof of concept with jsFiddle
Javascript Plugins and Design Patterns
     Archive and share code with Gisthub
     Implementing jQuery Plugins
     Create carousels with a plugin
     Pattern for plugin authoring
     How jQuery works
     Plugins/Authoring - jQuery Javascript Library
     Plugin development pattern
     Simple plugin construction tutorial
     Animated slideshow gallery implementation
Integrate a Mockup into a CMS
     Template Variable Constructs
     PHP Coding in MODx
     Dynamic Gallery: database-driven application
     Develop custom forms implemented within the CMS
     Creating and using MODx snippets
     MODx Developer Introduction - MVC, xPDO, ORM, and Overview
     Creating a blog in MODx Revolution
Develop a Portfolio Site
     Introduction to Databases and MySQL
     Ajax jQuery Tabs in Revolution
     Custom Manager Pages
     Managing Resources and Element via SVN in Revolution
     PHP Coding in MODx Revolution Pt. II - Objects and Queries
Javascript Frameworks
     jQuery Mobile Tips and Code
     Javascript Module Pattern
     Video Library: Mobile, Sencha, SproutCore, Titanium, Browsers, jQuery Mobile
     Javascript Mistakes to Avoid
     Thematic Mapping Library
     Google Maps API Map Style Implementation
     Server-side Javascript Development and Hosting
     Code with Javascript UI library implemeting the MVVM pattern
     Prototype MooTools Accordian in jsFiddle
     Implement a Web Desktop Application with Sencha
     Cross Platform Mobile WebApps - dojo Mobile
     Web Mapping with Mapstraction, CartoView, Google Maps, Bing, etc.
     jQuery Fundamentals
     Essential Javascript Design Patterns
MVC Applications with Silverstripe
     Gallery Module with Silverstripe
     Silverstripe Modules Overview: Example Theme
     Silverstripe Cheatsheet
     CSS Authoring Framework - Compass
     Compass Authoring Framework
     Integreate Sass and Compass in Silverstripe Modules and Themes - Open Source CMS / Framework
     SilverStripe 3.0
     Building a Theme from a Static Template
     Dataobject relationship management
     Tutorials - Sapphire - SilverStripe Documentation
     Implement a Site search module
     Forms in Revolution
     Building a basic SilverStripe site
     Extending a basic SilverStripe site
     Silverstripe Theme development
Original Design Implementation - Wordpress
     Wordpress HTML5 Starter Themes
     Add Social Bookmarking Button to Blog Posts
     Implement 12 Custom Features without Plugins
     Writing a Wordpress Plugin
     Implementing Web Themes in Wordpress
     Identifying Premium Web Themes
Customizing Wordpress without Plugins
     Set Default Content in WP Editor
     Multi-lingual Spell Check
     Add Custom Buttons in Editor
     Customize Editor Stylesheets Consistent with Post Types
     Disable Theme Switching, RSS Feeds, WordPress admin bar, etc.
     Add Post Thumbnails to Feeds
     Releasing Wordpress GPL compliant Themes
Drupal 7 Development
    Distribution Packages, Vendors, and Hosting
    Drupal 7 Theme Layer
    Overview of Theme Files
    Theming Guide
    Configuring Menus, Navigation, and Blog posts
    Default Theme Implementation - Drupal API
    Drupal Structure Guide
  Create Module - Drupal 6
   Creating Custom Drupal Modules
    Drupal Menu Management
Drupal 7 Themes and Modules
    Overview, Installing & Upgrading
    Dynamic News Aggregating App Project
    Theming Drupal 6 & 7
    Drupal 6 Blueprints
    Creating Drupal 7 Modules
    Customizing Drupal
Ecommerce Theme Construction
    Setup PayPal Integration with PHP & MySQL
    Magento Designer’s Guide
    Prestashop Theme Implementation
    Sell Products with Prestashop
   introduction to OpenCart
Cross-Platform Native Mobile App Development
     Deploying Native Mobile Apps - Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows 7, etc.
     Native Device Capabilities
     Frameworks for Single Source
     HTML5 Mobile Application Frameworks, Jo, ChocolateChip-UI
    Mobile Frameworks - Rhodes, Titanium, Phonegap, etc.
    Best practices for mobile web application development
    W3C mobile web recommendations
    Building a CMS Mobile Template
Building Ecommerce with a CMS
     User Handbook - CMSMS
     Shopping Cart Implementation - CMSMS
     Debug and Inspect with FirePHP - CMSMS
     Snippet Development - CMSMS
     Building Mobile Ready CMS Templates - CMSMS
    Creating Modules, Content Blocks, Menu Items, and Plugins - CMSMS
Introduction to CMS Made Simple
     Implement a Shopping Cart with Inventory Management
     Debug Ajax Development in the Console
     CMSMS Module with jQuery Plugin - Showcase Project
     Obtain Image Dimensions in Smarty
     Setup a mobile version without online modules or services
     Ecommerce Modules for CMSMS site development
     Add Menu Item Subtext
PHP MVC Frameworks
     Create a Basic Web Service - PHP, MySQL, XML and JSON
     Develop an API - PHP
     Parse JSON and other data formats with PHP and Javascript
     Open Source PHP Frameworks - Zend, Cake, Codeigniter, etc.
Final Project Assessment
     Overview and Presentation
     Application Features and Components
     Theme/Template Implementation in CMS or Framework
     API Design Best Practices
     Dynamic Data Features
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