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Certificate in Adobe Web Design

Course Format

The Certificate in Adobe Web Design class meets twice per week on Monday and Wednesday evenings in White Plains (Westchester Campus) OR Tuesday and Thursday evenings at our Midtown Campus (New York, NY ).  This is an instructor-led course taught by Adobe Certified Expert instructors. PCBT (Pace Center for Business and Technology) is an Adobe Authorized Training Center.

Evening classes: 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm (2.5 hours)   Five hours per week for 17 weeks.  Total Adobe Web Design classroom hours - 85 hours.

We have a Saturday section available in White Plains for fall 2013 / winter 2014 session.  Saturday Classes:  9:00 am to 3:00pm (5 hours - with 1/2 lunch break)    Five hours per week for 17 weeks.  Total Adobe Web Design classroom hours - 85 hours.

 COST:  $2950

You Will Learn To

Using several Adobe Software tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Adobe Edge Animate and Edge Reflow, students will learn how to PLAN - DESIGN - BUILD + MAINTAIN a fully functional website.  Students will also learn how to FTP their website and content to a web hosting service:  including how to add / host mulitple websites under a single domain name (folder).

Who Should Enroll

Students who are literate in PC or MAC based software and / or operating systems who want to learn how to build websites.  Anyone with a print background / graphic designers, marketing and communications professionals looking to acquire a strong foundation of skills and knowledge in digital design or applying these skills to the web.  Web entreprenuers, small business owners, freelancers and others looking to learn how to build and maintain websites and other digital content for the web will find this course to be invaluable!  You must have some background or experience using at least one Adobe tool.   Students who do not have experience or have limited experience should take the Adobe Workflow Essentials class as a prerequisite.

Course Description

This hands-on course delivers 85 hours of classroom instruction supplemented with outside class assignments. The learning objectives of the class are: to develop technology skills and soft skills of student learners to enable them to plan, design, build, promote and maintain a fully functional website. Each student will be required to build a complete website by the end of the course as a class project.
 The course encompasses 4 major (overlapping) learning areas:
1. Software tools
Photoshop Creative Cloud for retouching and optimizing photos and other raster (pixel)-based graphic files
Illustrator Creative Cloud for creating vector graphics, including logos, posters and menus
Fireworks Creative Cloud learn how to utilize slicing for creating Web graphics, including buttons and animated GIFS and entire front end pages 
Dreamweaver Creative Cloud for creating an HTML-CSS Website:
Edge Animate / Edge Reflow for creating animations, picture galleries, event calendars for your Website and responsive design for digital devices 
Bridge CC for managing and organizing all of your digital assets
2. Technologies
“Alphabet Soup” (HTML, CSS, JS, SWF, AS2,AS3, AJAX, PDF, XML, HTML5, CSS3, PHP)
3. Soft Skills
Interview a client, assess client’s needs and develop a custom Website plan
Plan and schedule the processes involved in developing a website from initial planning to final delivery, on your own or in a team environment
Identify web development best practices and intelligently discuss the pros and cons of various Web development options
Attract traffic to a website using leading web marketing resources, including Search Engines
4. Web Design and Functionality
Design and modify spot graphics of various kinds, including logos, banners, posters, post cards, thumbnails, etc.
Qualify for Adobe Web Application Development (optional) in order to take your skills to the next level
Create a Website with the functionality listed below:
Website Page By Age Functionality 
Adobe Edge Animate, Photoshop and Illustrator art melded into a cool „n catchy home page / front end; Edge Animate elements to attract and engage the user (banner, ad, logo, picture gallery); home page is clean and clear as to the purpose of the site 
FORM for capturing user input (name, email, etc. – using PHP) 
Basic HTML / HTML5 page with general information 
PDF downloadable / printable menu of choices available on the site 
SWF, JS or HTML5 -based picture gallery, Google Maps, Video and Social Media integration 

Detailed Course Outline

Class 1
- Introduction and overview of class
- The Photoshop Workspace / Adobe Bridge
- Working with bitmap/raster images
- Layers and Layer Styles
- Saving for Web and Devices
Class 9
Class 17
AWD Project Class 1:
About Wordpress
Installing Wordpress
Administration Screens
Class 2
- Making and Refining Selections
- Color and Gradients
- Warping objects
- Creating transparencies
- Copyright and the Designer
- Getting to know your client
Class 10
Class 18
AWD Project Class 2:
Adobe Edge Animate
Designing in Illustrator for EDGE Animate
Export from Illustrator to Edge
The Edge Interface
Creating and Saving Edge Projects
The Edge Screen
Creating and Saving Edge Projects
Class 3
- Advanced Selections
- Quick / Layer Masks (Non-destructive editing)
- Advanced Text Editing
- Actions and Batch Processing
- Creating a Slideshow / Photo Gallery in Bridge
Class 11
Class 19
AWD Project Class 3: Adobe Edge Animate (II)
Animation within Edge Animate
The Edge Animate Timeline
Playback controls
Timeline options
Class 4
- Photo Retouching
- Designing a Website in Photoshop
- Slicing /Preparing files for Dreamweaver
Class 12
Class 20
AWD Project Class 4:
Adobe Edge Animate (III)
Working and Animating Web Pages
Responsive animations
Making the Stage scalable
Previewing size changes
Class 5
Class 13
- Behaviors
- Rollovers
- Targeting
- CSS for other media types
- Slicing
- SPRY Tabbed Panel
- SPRY Accordion Panels
- Browser Lab
Class 21
AWD Project Class 5 -
Adobe Edge Animate (IV)
HTML Integration
iframe tag
YouTube video
iframe for Google maps
iframe tag for Facebook LIKE button
Export and publish EDGE projects
Animations from Adobe Edge Animate
Class 6
Class 14
- HTML forms
- PHP to process form
- SPRY Verification
Class 22
AWD Project Class 6:
Adobe Edge Reflow
Introduction to Adobe Edge Reflow
Choosing Your Design Workflow
Responsive Workflow
Sharing Exporting and Previewing in the Browser
Class 7
Class 15
Class 23
AWD Project Class 7:
Adobe Edge Reflow (II)
From Adobe Edge Reflow to HTML
Layout in Reflow for different screen sizes
Export CSS to Dreamweaver
Class 8
Class 16
Class 24
AWD Project Class 8:
AWD Final Project(s) Due
Project Presentations -
Wrap up & Project review

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