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Electricity Basics for Solar PV Design and Installation

Course Format

Two Days (9am- 5pm); Instructor-led. 

COST:  $395

You Will Learn To

  • Understand the electricity basics that affect Solar PV systems
  • Identify the mathematical and electrical laws that are involved
  • Perform the calculations to assess how much electricity will be generated by an identified solar site

Who Should Enroll

Persons interested in taking Solar PV Design and Installation Basics who do not posess the basic knowledge of electricity that is a requirement for enrolling in that course.

Course Description

This 12 hour class is designed to prepare students for the material covered in Solar PV Design and Installation Basics.  Students will learn basic electrical theory and characteristics, electrical equations, including Ohm's Law, electrical and photovoltaic circuits.  They will be introduced to the National Electric Code, the proper use of hand tools, schematic drawings and more.

Detailed Course Outline

   Electrical Theory
   Atoms and Magnetism
   Electrical Characteristics
   Electrical Equations
   Ohm’s Law
   Electrical Circuits
   Electrical Measurements
   Photovoltaic Circuits
Day 2
   Electrical Practical
   Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
   National Electric Code (NEC)
   Electrician’s Tools and Hardware
   Hand Tools
   Raceways and Fittings
   Conductors and Cables
   Schematic drawings
   Electrical Services
   Electrical Test Equipment
   Photovoltaic Installer’s Tools and Hardware

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