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Internet Marketing Essentials

Course Format

Internet Marketing Essentials classes are scheduled at the Westchester campus or NYC campus. Class will meet two evenings per week and run from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.  Four hours per week for 7.5 weeks.  Total classroom hours - 30.

Course Fee:  $1295

You Will Learn To

Optimize your internet marketing efforts and programs. Students will learn the essentials of internet marketing in today’s fast paced world of digital media.
This course will examine the key internet marketing and social media tools such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Pinterest and others. Students will also get a fundamental understanding of website management and what types of websites might fit well with your needs. 
Learn how to enhance and optimize your marketing programs to:
·         Reach a broader audience
·         Target a more specific customer
·         Build your on line presence
·         Generate more leads and increase sales
This course will also include hands-on exercises and basic HTML / HTML5 code and case studies in social media implementation, blogs, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and other internet marketing programs.

Who Should Enroll

Web designers, graphic designers, marketing managers, marketing related professionals, marketing & communications managers and staff support, small business owners, entrepreneurs, website managers, internet professionals and anyone wanting to know more or learn about internet marketing.

Course Description

Social Media has become a key marketing channel in today’s on line digital marketplace. Organizations and individuals have great opportunities in achieving a large social media presence throughout many networks by providing quality information across several mediums (text, images, photos, videos, etc.) to reach target audiences in their preferred method of communication.
Increasing amounts of people begin their research online to look for information, reviews and to compare pricing, especially on social media. The more digital presence an organization has, the more they will show up in search results across the web.
The percentage of traffic from social media to websites has been increasing as people click links on Facebook, LinkedIN or Twitter feeds. Social media and blog posts can increase your presence in search results and are essential inbound marketing tools.
This course will examine various media tools to develop a strong web presence to increase awareness, drive traffic to the site, SEO optimization and generating interest/leads in your brand, products or cause you’re promoting.

Detailed Course Outline

Detailed Course Outline:
Website Management
Planning and Strategy
·         What type of website is best for you
·         Landing Pages
·         Small Websites
·         Large Websites
·         CMS (Content Management Systems)
·         Code
·         WYSIWYG
·         WordPress
Domains, Hosts, and CMS
·         GoDaddy
·         HostGator
·         WordPress
Strategize (Strategy)
·         Set Objectives
Ø An outlet to express yourself
Ø Blog
·         Money Maker
·         A source of information
·         Lay out Sitemap
·         Setting-up a Website
o   Domain Search
o   Choose a Hosting Plan
o   Installing WordPress
o   Using WordPress
o   Setting up Analytics and Webmaster’s Tools
·         Designing and Adding Content
o   Figuring out what needs to be added
o   Content Creation/Curation
o   Using WordPress
·         Launching Website
Ready for launch
·         Optimization
·         Maintenance
·         Understanding How Search Works
·         Keyword Research
o   Identifying target market
o   Think like the searcher
o   Competition
o   Searches
·         Diagnosing and analyzing websites
·         How to convert weaknesses to strengths
·         White-Hat vs Black-Hat
·         Optimization
·         Maintenance
Social Media
·         Understanding the social media conversation(s)
·         Which conversations to join, and which to avoid
·         How to avoid being ignored
·         White-Hat vs Black-Hat
·         Making an impact, and going viral
·         Optimization
·         Maintenance
·         Building a List
o   Opt-ins
·         Landing Pages
·         Funnels
·         Avoiding Spam Boxes
·         Optimization
·         Maintenance
Online Ads
·         Impressions vs Clicks
·         Different Options
o   Social Media
§ Facebook
§ LinkedIn
§ YouTube
o   Google Ad Network
·         Set-up
·         Impressions vs Clicks
·         Optimization
·         Maintenance
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