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Introduction to Access

Course Format

Two Days (9am- 4pm); offered Monday-Friday; Instructor-led. 

COST:  $475

You Will Learn To

  • Understand Access terminology and database concepts
  • Create, view and edit databases and tables
  • Import and link to data from other sources
  • Query tables for information
  • Modify table data and structures
  • Create and Modify Basic Forms
  • Create basic and grouped reports
  • Create labels
  • Search for and Sort Data
  • Use relational database operations
  • Create a basic form

Who Should Enroll

New Access users or users with limited experience.

Prerequisite: Introduction to the PC or familiarity with the Windows environment.

Course Description

Introduction to Microsoft Access is a two day course designed to help students learn and understand the basic operation of a database program.  It will demonstrate performing day-to-day procedures and explain the advantages of using a relational database program. This course will provide you with fundamental knowledge and techniques needed to design and use tables, queries, forms, and reports. This class provides instructor-led training in Access for students new to the program as well as those who desire a better foundation.

Detailed Course Outline

Access Basics
System Requirements
Starting Access 
Backstage View
Opening a Database
The Access Screen
The Navigation Pane
 Creating Databases and Tables
Creating a Database
Creating a Table
Creating a Table in Design View
Adding Data to a Table
Restructuring a Table
 Primary Keys
Importing Data Tables
Linking to Access Tables
Importing an Excel Spreadsheet
Navigation Keys
Sizing Fields
Linking to an Excel Spreadsheet
Importing from a Text File
Searching and Editiing
The Totals Row
Sorting a Table
Searching a Table
Setting up a Query
Selecting Fields
Sorting a Query
Specifying Selection Criteria
Additional Query Operators
Multiple Criteria
 Creating a Form
Using a Form
Modifying the Form Design of a Layout
Adding and Removing Controls in Layout View
Using the Form Wizard
Report Basics
Starting with a Blank Report
Keeping Groups Together
Mailing Labels
Modifying the Label Design
Using Multiple Tables
Relational Database Systems
Linking Multiple Tables
Designing a Relational System
Querying a Relational System
Applying Criteria to Multiple Tables
Calculations in Queries

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