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Introduction to Word

Course Format

One Day (9am- 4pm); offered Monday-Friday; Instructor-led. Class runs from 9am-4pm.

COST:  $250

You Will Learn To

  • Navigate the Office 2010 user interface
  • Create and edit basic documents
  • Format attractive documents
  • Work with blocks of text
  • Check your document for accuracy

Who Should Enroll

Users who are learning MS Word for the first time, or users who want a review of Word basics while learning the Office 2010 user interface.


Prerequisite: Introduction to the PC or familiarity with the Windows environment. Ability to type is recommended.

Course Description

Learn to create documents using Microsoft Word 2010. Become efficient in selecting text and moving within a word document. Create and edit, correct spelling and grammar as you type, and format and print your work.

Detailed Course Outline

Getting Started
       Using the Mouse
       Word 2010 Interface
       Backstage View
       Word Options Button
       Quick Access Toolbar
       Ribbon-Accessing Most Commands
       Galleries and Preview Buttons
       Dialog Boxes
       Views in Word 2010
       Zooming in and Out of Document
Creating a Document
       Entering Text
       Using Caps Lock and Num lock Keys
       Beginning a New Document
       Spacing after Paragraphs
       Saving a Document
       Printing a Document
       Closing a Document
Editing a Document
       Opening an Existing Document
       Moving the Cursor
       Inserting Text and Replacing Text
       Saving a File with a New Name/Location
       Deleting Text
       Show Codes
       Dividing and Combing Paragraphs
Character Formatting
       Selecting Text
       Formatting a Document
       Bold, Underline, Italics
       The Mini Toolbar
       Enhancing Text as you Type
       Font, Font Size, and Font Color
       Shortcut for Formatting Single Words
Deleting, Moving, and Copying Text
       Deleting Blocks of Text
       Using Undo
       Typing Replaces Selection
       Moving Text
       Copying Text
       Using Paste Preview and Office Clipboard
Paragraph Formatting
       Paragraph Basics
       Text Alignment
       Changing Paragraph Alignment
       Line Spacing
       Paragraph Spacing
       Auto Insertion of Numbers and Bullets
Checking Your Document
       Using Spell Check  and Grammer Check
       Changing Spelling and Grammar Options
       Using the Autocorrect Feature
       Using the Thesaurus

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