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Four Ways to Learn

Instructor-led classes are traditional classes that teach popular software programs in one, two and three-day courses.  Each day includes instruction and practice covering a number of valuable and popular features and functions.  All instructors are highly experienced professionals who are able to understand and respond to the needs of both beginning and advanced students.  There is plenty of time for hands-on exercises and questions.  All classes are supported by detailed instruction manuals, most of which are created by our own Pace University faculty and staff.

Targeted Learning offers students the opportunity to focus on a single feature of a popular software program, for example Tables in MS Word or Pivot Tables in Ms Excel.  These short courses are offered in both classroom settings and online (see E-Learning Plus).  If you choose a Pace classroom setting you will never be away from your office for more than 3 hours.  If you choose the online version you may explore the course at your convenience, covering only as much as you can absorb at one time.  All Targeted Learning classes are taught by the same team of talented and experienced professionals as our traditional instructor-led classes.

E-Learning Plus offers students the convenience of online education, supported by a team of professionals committed to providing a full learning experience.

  • All students receive printed course manuals and student files for hands-on practice.
  • When you log into your course web site you will hear your instructor explain and watch your instructor demonstrate each part of your course content.
  • Every course is divided into manageable modules, which may be played as many times as necessary.
  • Your course manual may be used during the course and for review and reference.
  • Every week you are invited to a live online seminar where your instructor will answer questions and review the course material.
  • Each online course concludes with a final exercise. Students may submit their exercises and get feedback and comments from the instructor.
  • Every student who completes the course will receive a certificate from Pace University.
LIVE Online

These are live classes that are attended through the Internet. Students may participate actively, just as they would in a traditional classroom – respond to the instructor, ask questions, get to know their classmates.  Materials are mailed to students before the first class.

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