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Pace University's Center for Business and Technology is the only Linux Red Hat Academy partner in the metropolitan New York (NY) area including Westchester, Long Island, Connecticut (CT), Rockland County, Fairfield County, and northern New Jersey (NJ).

Pace University's Center for Business and Technology (PCBT) offers Linux Red Hat training and education to attain Red Hat Certification for RHCSAs (Red Hat Certified System Administrators) and RHCEs (Red Hat Certified Engineers). 

The evening format is particularly suited to today's professional, who can't afford to take time away from an already crowded schedule.

Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) and Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) are performance-based tests that measure actual competency on live systems. RHCSA is the first step in establishing Linux credentials and is an ideal certification for those transitioning from non-UNIX/Linux environments. RHCE, called the "crown jewel of Linux certifications," proves an individual's ability to configure networking services and security on servers running a Red Hat OS. RHCE was recently named the hottest certification in all of IT by

All classes are interactive and hands-on, focusing on providing participants with the knowledge, tools, techniques, strategies and cutting edge concepts they need to pass Red Hat exams and improve their performance on the job.

"The Good News"
Red Hat Academy partners like Pace University provide a much more comprehensive syllabus.  The curriculum is taught over a 10+ week period.  As a result, Red Hat Academy partners have a very high number of students who pass the certification exams (90 +% vs. approximately 40 % pass rate for learners taking Red Hat 4 and 5 day courses).  PCBT uses Red Hat's official curriculum and materials to prepare learners for Red Hat's certification exams.

Red Hat Linux classes meet 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) Courses
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RHA 030 Red Hat Linux Essentials (location – New York / NY & White Plains / NY)

Students will learn to be effective users of Linux systems, acquiring skills and understanding of command line functions, file systems, users and groups, bash shell, process management, text editors, network applications, searching and organizing data, and graphical applications.

RHA 130 Red Hat Linux System Administration (location – New York / NY & White Plains / NY)

For users of Linux (or UNIX) who want to start building skills in systems administration on Red Hat Linux, to a level where they can attach and configure a workstation on an existing network (20 sessions over 10 weeks).

Students will learn to be effective administrators of Linux systems, mastering tasks such as hardware and device configuration, file system management, user administration, network configurations, kernel services, attaching new Linux systems to a corporate network, configuring the new systems for end-users, and troubleshooting.

Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) Courses*
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RHA 230 Red Hat Linux Network Applications (location – New York / NY)

Students learn to deploy and administer the core networking services which have made Red Hat Enterprise Linux popular, including the Apache Web Server, the Samba File Server, BIND Domain Name Service, the Sendmail Mail Transport Agent, the Network File System (NFS), and more.

RHA 250 Red Hat Linux Security Administration (location – New York / NY)

Students learn to implement and administer basic security policies relating to user authentication (including PAM and NIS) and securing network applications using application level access control and kernel level firewalling (ipchains). Students additionally learn skills in administering SELinux, system monitoring, and implementing common encryption protocols (including public key infrastructures).

* RHA 230 and RHA 250 are combined into one class
including the RHCE exam
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Exam Requirements:

The certification exam consists of two parts conducted in a single day. The exam is performance-based, meaning that candidates must perform tasks on a live system, rather than answering questions about how one might perform those tasks.
The two parts of the RHCE Exam consist of:

  • Section I: Troubleshooting and System Maintenance (2.5 hours)
  • Section II: Installation and Configuration (3 hours)

In order to pass the Red Hat Certified Engineer exam, you must meet all of the following requirements:

  • a score of 80 or higher on Section I, consisting of compulsory and optional problems
  • successful completion of the Section I compulsory troubleshooting problems within one hour of that section's start time
  • 70 percent or more on the RHCSA-level skills in Section II
  • 70 percent or more on the RHCE-level skills in Section II

These last two requirements enable RHCEs to demonstrate that they possess both RHCSA-level and RHCE-level skills, as well as enabling a person who only has RHCSA level skills to earn RHCE if they pass the required competencies.

Candidates will be emailed exam results within three business days following the exam.


A Red Hat Enterprise Linux System Administrator who has been trained then tested by means of the RHCE Exam, a realistic performance-based lab exam that tests his/her actual ability to: install and configure Red Hat Enterprise Linux; understand limitations of hardware; configure networking and file systems; configure the X Window System; configure security, set up common network (IP) services, carry out diagnostics and troubleshooting, and perform essential Red Hat Enterprise Linux system administration.

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