Andrea Taylor


School/College: Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems
Department(s): Information Technology NY
Primary Location: 163 William Street Room 348

Office Hours: (Fall 2015)
(by Appointment Only)

Office Phone:
+1 (212) 346-1009


MS, Pace University, 2000

Information Systems

BBA, Pace University, 1984

Management Information Systems

Scheduled Courses

Fall 2015:
  • CIS 101: Introduction to Computing
  • CIS 101: Introduction to Computing -CAP
  • CIS 102: Prblm Solving Using LEGO Rbtcs
  • CIS 102: Prblm Solving Using LEGO Rbtcs

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  • CIS 101: Cmptrs & Frnsc Scnce Lrng Pod
  • CIS 101: Cmptrs &Scl Rspnsblty Lrng Pod
  • CIS 101: Downtown New York
  • CIS 101: Downtown NY Learning Pod
  • CIS 101: Forensic Computing
  • CIS 101: Forensic Learning Pod
  • CIS 101: Intro to Cmptng (CAP) - LC
  • CIS 101: Intro. to Computing (CAP) - LC
  • CIS 101: Introduction to Computing
  • CIS 101: Introduction to Computing - LC
  • CIS 101: Introduction to Computing -CAP
  • CIS 101: Social Rspnsblty Learning Pod
  • CIS 102: IT for Strtgc Comm. Planning
  • CIS 102: Prblm Solving Using LEGO Rbtcs
  • CIS 102: Web Dsgn for Non-Profit Org
  • CIS 133: Social Media
  • CIT 110: Intro to Inform Technology
  • TS 095: Employment Preparation Sem I
  • TS 095: Employment Preparation Sem II
  • TS 105: Cmptrs for Human Empowerment
  • TS 210: Word Processing Applications
  • TS 212: Database Applications
  • Research Interests

    Service Learning; Systems Analysis and Design; Data Management;


    • Feather-Gannon, S., Coppola, J., Daniels, C., Hale, N. L., Mosley, P. & Taylor, A. (2013). The evolution of successful service-learning courses in the computing curriculum: From infancy to innovation. Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges. Vol 28 (Issue 6) , pages 109-116.


    • Taylor, A. S., Coppola, J., Daniels, C., Mosley, P. & , S. F. (2013, November 1). Read.Write.Act Virtual Conference 2013. Technology Literacy for Older Adults Through Service Learning. The Student Coalition for Action in Literacy Education (SCALE), Online
    • Taylor, A. (2010, November). Faculty Resource Network Symposium. Engaging Students in the Community and the World. Washington, DC


    • Pace University, Computer Science & Information Systems [Attendee, Meeting]
    • New Student Orientation Sessions [Faculty Advisor]
      Desc: Met with new/potential CSIS students and their parents, presented department/university information, answered questions, met and spoke with other students & parents at CSIS table Presented Mock LEGO Robotics Class to new/potential CSIS students as a part of Pace Preview Weekend
    • Pace University, Computer Science & Information Systems [Committee Member]
      Desc: I have served on both the ByLaws and Nominations Committee: sent out bylaws information and nominations instructions to all faculty; conferred with other committee member on electronic voting instructions
      Committee's Key Accomplishments: Successful Chair and Vice Chair elections
    • CIS 101 Review Committee [Committee Member]
      Desc: Advised the committee chair and members based on historical course data, including benefits and challenges of various approaches to the course; participated in weekly teleconference meetings with other Pace department faculty members to devise a potential new course; helped devise new course schedule and new textbook selection
      Committee's Key Accomplishments: Course being taught in most sections includes an increase of 4 extra weeks of Excel, as requested by the Lubin faculty; ALICE programming instruction has been removed from the course, as requested by majority of CSIS faculty; new Excel textbook being used


    • Pace University, Computer Science & Information Systems [Attendee, Meeting]
      Desc: I attend monthly meetings, vote on university issues and elections, self-nominated for committee representative position but did not win position


    • Take Ous Daughters/Sons To Work Day [Activity Facilitator]
      Desc: Created LEGO Robotics activity for participants, included my Robotics students as mentors
    • Faculty Research Forum [Participant]
      Desc: Submitted research abstract; met monthly with other faculty members; met twice/month with Lubin faculty member writing partner; researched and wrote papers/assignments from assigned research textbook


    • DIVAS for Social Justice [Teacher, Coach]
      Desc: As a Pace/CSIS faculty member, I taught LEGO Robotics and coached a FIRST FLL LEGO Robotics team, working with 7-14 year old children, through my volunteering with the CBO, DIVAS for Social Justice, a STEAM program based in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn and Laurelton, Queens. Students in the Summer STEAM Camp attended Pace University every Monday, made use of the computer lab, and enjoyed being a part of the Pace campus environment.