Belgacem Raggad


School/College: Lubin School of Business
Department(s): Information Technology West
Primary Location: Goldstein Academic Center 320

Office Hours: (Fall 2016)

Office Phone:


PhD, Pennsylvania State University at University Park, 1989

Information Management

MS, University of Tunis, 1979

Computer Information Systems

A.D., University of Tunis, 1975

Mathematics and Physics

Scheduled Courses

Fall 2016:
  • IT 666: Information Security Managemnt
  • IS 641: Information Security/Controls
  • IS 637: IS Project & Change Mngmnt
  • IT 607: System Dvlpmnt & Prjct Mgmnt

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  • CIT 481: Cpstn in Infrmtn Tchnlgy
  • CS 704: Independent Research
  • IS 397: Tpc: Artificial Intelligence
  • IS 495: Information Systems Internship
  • IS 600: Grad Independent Study in IS
  • IS 614: Applied Artfcl Intelligence
  • IS 617: Information Systems Principles
  • IS 620: IS and Organizational Strategy
  • IS 632: Business Telecommunications
  • IS 637: Info Systems Project Mgt
  • IS 637: IS Project & Change Mngmnt
  • IS 639: Info Systems Planning & Policy
  • IS 641: Information Security/Controls
  • IS 642: Info Security Planning & Pol
  • IS 650: Telecommunications Management
  • IS 660: Data Warehsng & the Orgnztn
  • IS 692: Research Project Seminar
  • IT 607: System Dvlpmnt & Prjct Mgmnt
  • IT 662: Web and Internet Security
  • IT 666: Information Security Managemnt
  • Research Interests

    Management Information Systems (Decision Support Systems); Software Engineering (Information Systems Development); Artificial Intelligence (Approximate Reasoning);

    Awards and Honors

    • The Country of Tunisia, November 1, 2001 - Gold Medal for Great Contributions in IS Security
    • Pace University, School of Computer Science and Information System, December 31, 1998 - CSIS Excellence in Research Award
    • NULL, June 6, 1998 - Award in Excellence in Research & Scholarship, Pace University
    • Data Processing Management Association, December 31, 1989 - Data Processing Management Award
    • NULL, December 31, 1982 - Fulbright Scholarship
    • CII-Honeywell Bull of Paris, December 31, 1979 - Scholarship


    • Computational Intelligence for Modelling, Control and Automation
    • CORS: Canadian Society of Operations Research
    • Decision Science Institute
    • E-commerce Security Society
    • Federal Information Systems Security Educators' Association (FISSEA)
    • FRANCORO - Francophones de Recherche Op√©rationnelle
    • FRANCORO II Conference [Member, Program Committee - 2000 Conference]
    • IATF: Information Assurance Technical Framework (National Security Agency)
    • International Association of Business Disciplines
    • International Association of Computer Information Systems
    • JOPT - Des Journ√©es de l'Optimisation (Optimization Days of Canada)
    • Literati Club, Great Britain
    • NE-DSI: Northeastern Decision Science Institute
    • SAM - Society for Advances in Management


    Raggad, B. A Distributed DSS Assuring Information Privacy over Remote Databases.

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    Raggad, B. Telemedicine: Distributed Decision Support with Partial Compatibility Evidence. J of Computer Networks and Communications. Vol Not yet (Issue Not yet) , pages 12.


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    Raggad, B., Katar, C. & El Aroui, M. A. (2014, June 1). Risk-Driven Intrusion Response Mechanism Conform To ISO 27005, NIST, and FIPS. International Journal of Computer Network and security, ISSN: 2051-6878.

    Raggad, B. Towards a Science of Cyber Security: A Security Self-Security Generator. Vol 2014

    Raggad, B., Katar, C. & Mansouri, S. (2014, May 1). Medical Decision Support System: A Belief Structure to Manage Uncertainty. Int.J.of Medical Technology. Vol 22 (Issue 1)

    Raggad, B. & Choudhry, R. (2014, March 24). Digital Policy Management Requirements and Architecture.

    Raggad, B. (2012, January (1st Quarter/Winter)). CRM Information Assurance by Adding Specificity. International Journal of Computer Science and Network Security. Vol 11 (Issue 5)


    Knapp, C. & Raggad, B. (2011, December 2).

    Knapp, C. & Raggad, B. (2011, December 1).


    Raggad, B. & , . (2014, March). IEEE Conference on Cognitive Decisions. Digital Policy Management Requirements and Architecture. IEEE


    • IT Dept Strategic Planning Task [Attendee, Meeting]
      Desc: Rethinking IT department strategic agenda
      Committee's Key Accomplishments: Student recruiting; Addition of cybersecurity courses, review of curriculum
    • London Project [Committee Member]
      Desc: Review of the London project; Visiting London to plan the initiation of the project; Planning activities; etc.
      Committee's Key Accomplishments: Visited London to inspect the campus; Conducted feasibility study; Made decision on the launch event.


    • Pakistani students recruiting [Committee Member]
      Desc: Feasibility study of the Pakistani student recruiting effort; Writing of the proposal;
      Committee's Key Accomplishments: Final proposal submitted and a decision is not made yet.
    • London project [Other]
      Desc: Visit and inspection of London campus, study the feasibility of the project; commercialization of the project.
      Committee's Key Accomplishments: Conducted a feasibility study; Made a decision to postpone the project.
    • Bylaw Committee [Committee Member]
      Desc: reviewed the Seidenberg faculty council Bylaws


    • Development of the CISMO certificate [Founder]
      Desc: -Developed the CISMO certificate -Developed the courses (5 courses) IS 641-645
    • United Nations Industrial Development: UNIDO [Editorial Review Board Member]
      Desc: Validate the managerial decisions related to the security of their web platforms
      Committee's Key Accomplishments: I audited their web platform and generated security recommendations.


    • Pace University, Computer Science & Information Systems [Other]
      Desc: Travel to provide assistance to developing countries reviewing their Technology Management programs and develop effective strategies to protect against cyber terrorism: about 22 days of lectures, advising, and interventions.