Jean Coppola
Associate Professor


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School/College: Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems
Department(s): Information Technology West
Primary Location: Goldstein Academic Center 322

Office Hours: (Fall 2015)
(by Appointment Only)
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Office Phone:
+1 (914) 773-3755

Fax Phone: 914-989-8212

Secondary Location: 163 William Street 224

Office Phone: +1-914-773-3755


PhD, Nova Southeastern University, Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences, Fort Lauderdale, FL, US, 2003

Computing Technology in Education

MS, Pace University, 1992


MS, Pace University, 1990

Computer Science

Graduate Certificate, Pace University, 1990

Computer Communications & Networks

BS, Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY, 1986

Computer Science

Scheduled Courses

Fall 2015:
  • CIT 481: Cpstn in Infrmtn Tchnlgy
  • CIS 102: Intergenerational Computing
  • CIS 102: Intergenerational Computing
  • CIS 102: Intergenerational Computing
  • CIS 102: Intergenerational Computing

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  • CIS 102: Intergenerational Computing
  • CIS 102: Topic:Intergenerational Cmptng
  • CIT 471: Information Tchnlgy Internship
  • CIT 481: Cpstn in Infrmtn Tchnlgy
  • CIT 490: Independent Study in Infor Tec
  • CS 490: Ind Study in Computer Science
  • ED 692: Stdnt Tchng in Edct'nl Tchnlgy
  • IS 495: Information Systems Internship
  • TS 105: Cmptrs for Human Empowerment
  • TS 341: Networking Technologies
  • TS 351: Cmptr Hrdwre: Trblesht / Mntnc
  • TS 351: Cmptr Hrdwre: Trblesht/Mntnc
  • TS 395: Independent Study in TS
  • TS 471: Internship in Technology Systm
  • TS 471: Internship in TS
  • TS 642: Cmptr Hrdwre, Trblesht & Mntnc
  • TS 643: Networking Technologies
  • TS 671: Intrnshp in Edctnl Tchnlgy
  • Research Interests

    Telemedicine / Telehealth (Remote Patient Monitoring / Ambient Intelligence); Gerontechnology / Gerotechnology ; Mobile App Design ; Technology Impact on Dementia / Alzheimers Disease ; Ambient Intelligence ; Computers and Society (Intergenerational Computing); Service-Learning ;

    Awards and Honors

    • Hofstra University, August 2014 - Hofstra Alumni of the Month
    • EMG Health Communications, October 20, 2012 - Outstanding community commitment to youth & elderly
    • Pace University, September 2012 - Wilson Center Faculty Fellow
    • Computerworld , June 4, 2012 - Laureate Honors Program, Global Information Technology Award
    • Pace University, May 1, 1998 - Edward J. Mortola Outstanding Administrative Department Award
    • Pace University, April 1, 1997 - Service Award, Dyson School of Arts & Sciences
    • Queens Village Youth Marching Band, June 1, 1995 - Mayor Giuliani Voluntary Action Center, Youth Service Award
    • Queens Village Youth Marching Band, June 1, 1994 - NYS Assembly Citizen's Award for Outstanding Personal Achievement & Dedication to NY's Children
    • Pace University, May 1, 1992 - School of Computer Science Graduate Service Award
    • Pace University, May 1, 1990 - Outstanding Scholastic Achievement Computer Science Graduate Departmental Award


    • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) , August 1 , 2004
    • Association for Computing Machinery [Committee Member] , July 1 , 2004
    • American Association for Higher Education , May 1 , 2004
    • Gerontologicial Society of America

    Contract, Grants, and Sponsored Research

    • Sachs, D. & Coppola, J. (2014, June 1). Telehealth Intervention Programs for Seniors (TIPS). Weinberg Foundation , Private , $575,000.00 . Funded,
    • Coppola, J. (2013, September). Developing a Digital Assistant for the Third Age to Help Older Adults Age Healthfully. Keck Foundation , Private , $75,000.00 . Funded,Technological advancements in healthcare are key to improving overall health management, especially among seniors. This project introduces a virtual assistant prototype designed to both personalize healthcare and empower older adults to take a more active role in their own treatment. Specifically, we seek to develop an Optimal Aging Coach & Companion for Chronic Disease (OAC2CD) to assist in elders in chronic disease management and direct provide support as well as access to health care providers. The OAC2CD will utilize a virtual assistant interface supported by human controlled relational agents. The resulting prototype will combine monitoring, behavioral health, communication, and social networking technologies into a user-friendly, personalized, and comprehensive system.
    • Wexler, S., Drury, L. & Coppola, J. (2014, June). The use of Gerijoy to decrease delirium in hospitalized older adults and to provide clinical oversight and health coaching to prevent hospital readmissions. Pilot Health Tech NYC , Local , $100,000.00 . Funded,
    • Coppola, J. (2013, March). Mobile App Contest to Support Dementia Patient Sundowning. David & Minnie Berk Foundation , Private , $4,500.00 . Funded,Alzheimer and Dementia patients become agitated late in the afternoon. Gerontology technologists, including Pace Professor Jean Coppola, have initiated “sundown” mobile applications to calm these patients and give respite to caregivers. The “sundown” mobile applications take an average of 300 hours to create - a cost restrictive exercise. The Mobile App Contest will create a pipeline of several applications created by students living in our region. The Mobile App Competition will invite college and local high school students to design and code mobile applications for the Alzheimer and dementia population. The goal will be to recruit 20 teams to design and code mobile applications that will be made available, free of charge, to caregivers. This program will create a library of mobile applications and help position Pace University as a model for Alzheimer and dementia patients.
    • Drury, L., Wexler, S. & Coppola, J. (2013, June). Lowering Health Care Costs and Improving Outcomes for Vulnerable Older Adults: A Pilot to Demonstrate the Effectiveness of eCaring's In-home Care Management System within Henry Street Settlement's Vladeck Cares Naturally Occurring Retirement Community. Pilot Health NYC , Local , $100,000.00 . Funded,
    • Coppola, J. (2012, September). Cultivating Entrepreneurship for Students while Enhancing Quality of Life for Alzheimer / Dementia & Disabled. Wilson Center , Pace University , $5,000.00 . Funded,
    • Bachenheimer, B. & Coppola, J. (2013, January 24). Thinkfinity Grant. Pace University, Office of the Provost , Pace University , $15,000.00 . Funded,"Entrepreneurship Meets Technology Innovation" Entrepreneurship skills are important for those not only seeking to establish a new venture, but also are increasingly critical in various professional careers given today's competitive marketplace, and rapid technological innovation leading to a dramatic change in the very nature of work. The Entrepreneurship Lab serves as a means to facilitate and integrate unique activities and opportunities with students in the computer science and information technology courses. The lab provides an environment where students can safely experiment with their ventures, allowing for both successes and failures without the consequences they would otherwise face in real-world scenarios. By developing risk-taking and risk-management behaviors, students will be better equipped to successfully identify sound entrepreneurial opportunities. Funding is requested to enhance the technological resources and capabilities of the Entrepreneurship Lab, specifically: a 3D Printer and supplies; tablet Computers to test apps; participation in an entrepreneurship/innovation academic conference; student stipends; and faculty/staff stipends.
    • Coppola, J. (2013, March). Kenan Travel Funds to Attend ASA Conference. Kenan , Pace University , $743.00 . Funded,
    • Coppola, J., Surabian, M. & Flank, S. (2012, January 1). Integrating the iPad into the Educational Technology Curriculum and Community: Facilitating Accessibility Awareness and Experimental Learning. Thinkfinity, Verizon Foundation , Pace University , $9,964.00 . Funded,Grant


    • Coppola, J. & Wright, R. K. (2014, May). Alive Inside: Developing Mobile Apps for the Cognitively Impaired. Systems, Applications and Technology (LISAT).
    • Coppola, J. (2014, May). Educational Effects of Telehealth Implementation on Older Adults with Socio-Economic Disparities. Systems, Applications and Technology (LISAT) .
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