James Gabberty
Associate Dean

E-mail: jgabberty@pace.edu

School/College: Lubin School of Business
Department(s): Information Technology NY
Primary Location: 163 William Street Room 336A

Office Hours: (Spring 2018)
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
(by Appointment Only)

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Dr. Gabberty is an Information and Communication Technology practitioner with 30+ years of experience in academia and industry. Prior to his current position as Professor of Information Systems and Associate Dean for External Relations, he helped build large-scale systems in the banking & brokerage industry in New York City’s financial community.


Certificate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan School of Business, Cambridge, MA, US, 2007

Strategy and Innovation

DPS, Pace University, New York, 2002

Information Systems / International Business (double major)

MS, Polytechnic University of New York, 1993


MBA, New York Institute of Technology, 1991

Information Systems

BS, State University of New York at Stony Brook, 1982


AS, Nassau Community College, 1981

Information Systems

AS, State University of New York at Albany, 1980


Scheduled Courses

Spring 2018:
No courses scheduled.

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  • DCS 891: Research Seminar
  • DCS 990: Dissertation for DPS in Cmptng
  • DCS 991: Dssrttn for DPS in Cmptg II
  • IS 481: Database Mgmt and Orgztn
  • IS 600: Grad Independent Study in IS
  • IS 620: IS and Organizational Strategy
  • IS 621: Structured Systems Analysis
  • IS 622: Structured Systems Design
  • IS 623: Info Sys Design & Devlpmt
  • IS 623: Info Sytems Design & Devlpmt
  • IS 626: Cases in Info and Commun Tech
  • IS 632: Business Telecommunications
  • IS 637: Info Systems Project Mgmt
  • IS 637: IS Project & Change Mngmnt
  • IS 639: Info Systems Planning & Policy
  • IS 641: Information Security/Controls
  • IS 650: Telecommunications Management
  • IS 652: Telecom Policy & Environment
  • IS 654: Cases in Telecomm Systms
  • IS 660: Info & Cmmnctns Tchnlgy Innvtn
  • IT 600: Overview:Computer Network/IT
  • IT 600: Ovrvw -Cmptr Network / IT Tech
  • IT 607: System Dvlpmnt & Prjct Mgmnt
  • IT 666: Information Security Managemnt
  • IT 691: IT for E-Commerce Project I
  • IT 692: IT for E-Commerce Project II
  • MBA 688: Bsns Strgy & Stkhldr Rspnsblty
  • MGT 490: Business Strategy
  • Research Interests

    Value Chain Analysis Global Data Flows Cyber Security International Trade

    Awards and Honors

    • Polytechnic University of New York, - Cum Laude, MS
    • NYU Faculty Resource Network Program, - Faculty Associate Status
    • Pace University, Lubin School of Business, - Honors Society - Economics
    • Pace University, School of Computer Science and Information Systems, - Summa Cum Laude - Doctoral Program
    • NYU, June 1, 2004 - Scholar-in-Residence
    • International Applied Business Research Conference, Puerto Vallarta, March 2002, March 1, 2002 - Best Paper Award - March 2002


    • Academy of International Business [Member]
    • Association of Information Systems [Member]
    • Associaton for Computing Machinery [Member]
    • French Institute/Alliance Francaise [Member]
    • International Applied Business Research journal [Member, Editorial Review Board]
    • International Society in Economics, Omicron Delta Epsilon [Member]
    • Organizational Systems Research Association journal [Member, Editorial Review Board]
    • The Economist Intelligence Unit [Member - Online eJournals / Databases]
    • The McKinsey Quarterly [Member - Online eJournals / Databases]
    • The National Bureau of Economic Research [Member - Online eJournals / Databases]
    • The World Economic Forum [Member]
    • The World Economic Forum [Member - Online eJournals / Databases]


    Gabberty, J. The role technology plays in shaping U.S. Trade Practices.

    Gabberty, J. (2015). Professional Certifications and the Information Security Industry.

    Gabberty, J. (2014, June 26). IBM-DuPont COBIT PAM Assessment.

    Gabberty, J. (2014, June 25). Navigating Cybersecurity and Public Policy: Six Key Issues, ACM webinar.

    Gabberty, J. (2014, June 24). 20 Critical Controls for Cyber Defense.

    Gabberty, J. (2014, June 24). Global Cybersecurity Outlook: Legislative, Regulatory and Policy Landscapes.

    Gabberty, J. (2014, June 12). Advanced Threats: Combining Defensive Protection Styles for the Best Results.

    Gabberty, J. (2014, May 22). How To Be Valuable - The Criticality of Your Personal Brand.

    Gabberty, J. (2014, May 15). Effective Anti-malware in Virtualized Environments Webcast.

    Gabberty, J. (2014, May 7). Be Smarter than a Hacker.

    Gabberty, J. & Vembery, R. (2014, March). Globalization v. 2.0: Is the World Witnessing the Fundamental Restructuring of Globalization?.

    Gabberty, J. (2014, March 17). Clear Explanation of Encryption and Digital Certificates.

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    Gabberty, J. (2014, February 18). GRC/Cyber Insurance.

    Gabberty, J. (2014, February 17). Demonstrating That Your Mainframe Security is Complete.

    Gabberty, J. (2014, February 7). • Leveraging the Critical Security Controls to Mitigate User and Asset-based Risk.

    Gabberty, J. (2014, January (1st Quarter/Winter) 28). Security Reflections of 2013 and Predictions for 2014.

    Gabberty, J. (2014, January (1st Quarter/Winter) 27). • How Your Organization Needs to Change to Support Effective Information Security.

    Gabberty, J. (2014, January (1st Quarter/Winter) 24). Want Better Data Security? Consolidate Your Databases.

    Gabberty, J. (2014, January (1st Quarter/Winter) 16). IDC and Symantec: Say Goodbye to Passwords.

    Gabberty, J. (2014, January (1st Quarter/Winter) 13). Risky Business or Hidden Security Tool Chest for Mobile Web App Authentication.

    Gabberty, J. (2014, January (1st Quarter/Winter) 9). Sneak Peek at the Cyber Threat Intelligence Summit.

    Gabberty, J. (2014, January (1st Quarter/Winter) 9). Where Do You Draw the Creepy Line? Privacy, Big Data Analytics and the Internet of Things.

    Gabberty, J. (2014, January (1st Quarter/Winter) 8). Advanced Smartphone and Mobile Device Forensics Preview: Android vs. iOS - Battle of the Smartphones: Data Retention.

    Gabberty, J. (2014, January (1st Quarter/Winter) 7). Improving Security Through IT OT Collaboration.

    Gabberty, J. (2013, July (3rd Quarter/Summer)). Uncommon Partners: Leveraging e-Government Initiatives to Spur Economic Activity.


    Gabberty, J. (2016, October 19). Lubin Beta Alpha Psi Lecture . Information Systems: Careers, Certifications & IT Auditing. Beta Alpha Psi Lecture , 1 Pace plaza

    Gabberty, J. W. (2016, September 13). Applied Data Sciences & Networking Presentation . Big Data / Cyber Security / Telecommunications. Seidenberg, 2nd floor lounge

    Gabberty, J. W. (2015, November 11). Academy of Business Research Fall 2015 Conference. Moving Towards Resiliency: The 20 Critical Security Controls and Its Intersection with Physical Security. Academy of Business Research, Boca Raton, FL


    • New York University [Committee Member]
      Desc: University Associates Faculty Research Network at NYU


    • Meeting with Synergis, ongoing... [Attendee, Meeting]
      Desc: Ongoing meetings with Christine Shakespeare and Synergis
    • Freshman Orientation (Speaker) [Other]
      Desc: Frequent speaker at incoming freshman orietation
    • New Admits presenter [Committee Member]
    • ISACA Adademic Advocate [Faculty Mentor]
      Desc: Represent ISACA to students and help them acquire various licenses to practice as IT auditors, etc.
      Committee's Key Accomplishments: Each year successfully register Seidenberg students to ISACA student membership
    • IT Curriculum Meeting [Committee Member]
      Desc: Help steer direction of our school's curricula
    • Senior admin committee [Committee Member]
      Desc: Help steer school in pedagogy and IT technology matters
      Committee's Key Accomplishments: Helped transition from former to current Dean
      Desc: Perform overview of various Seidenberg activities to potential students
    • NYC PACE BOUND EVENTS [Committee Member]
    • Recruiting Trip(s) to India [Committee Member]
      Desc: Travel to India to meet with college students to recruit to Seidenberg
    • Kick-Off Seidenberg Board Meeting Hosted by BNY Mellon CIO Suresh Kumar at Innovation Center [Committee Member]


    • French Institute/Alliance Francaise [Committee Member]
    • St. Francis de Chantal RC Church [Den Leader, Cub Scouts Pack 156 Den]
    • The International Academy of E-Business [Committee Member]
      Desc: Member of the editorial review board for The International Academy of E-Business, which publishes The E-Business Review
    • Pace Path Implementation Committee [Committee Member]
      Desc: Help promote ideas for successful implementation, also charged with approving funding requests.
      Committee's Key Accomplishments: Successfully launched 2016
    • CIO Candidate Selection Commitee [Committee Member]
    • Data Analytics Collaboration Committeee (On-going) [Attendee, Meeting]
      Desc: Assist in bring Lubin-Seidenberg students & pedagogy closer together re: Big Data and Business Analytics


    • Saint Francis de Chantal [Leader]
      Desc: Cub Scout Leader for Saint Francis de Chantal Boy Scout Troop
    • St. Francis de Chantal RC Church [Religious instructor and catechist]
    • Wantagh Recreation Department [Coach]
      Desc: Baseball Coach for Wantagh Little League