John Molluzzo


School/College: Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems
Department(s): Information Technology NY
Primary Location: 163 William Street 225

Office Hours: (Spring 2015)

Office Phone:
+1 (212) 346-1780


PhD, Yeshiva University, 1972


MA, Yeshiva University, 1965


BS, St. Francis College, 1964


Scheduled Courses

Spring 2018:
No courses scheduled.

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  • CIS 101: Computers & Social Rspnsblty
  • CIS 101: Downtown New York
  • CIS 101: Forensic Computing
  • CIS 101: Introduction to Computing
  • CIT 110: Intro to Inform Technology
  • CIT 211: Intro to Computer Systems
  • CIT 356: Operating Systems Concepts
  • CIT 471: Information Tchnlgy Internship
  • IS 112: Computer Orgnztn and Prgmng
  • IS 414: Operating Systems Concepts
  • IS 490: Independent Study/Info Systems
  • IS 495: Information Systems Internship
  • IS 631: Operating Systems Principles
  • IS 633: Computer Organization
  • IS 648: Cyber and Professional Ethics
  • IS 660: Cyber and Professional Ethics
  • IS 661: Business Applications in C/C++
  • Research Interests

    Symbolic and Algebraic Manipulation (Graph Theory); Discrete Mathematics, Data Structures and Algorithms; Programming Languages; Artificial Intelligence; Computers and Society (Ethical and Social Impact of Computing);


    • American Museum of Natural History [Member]
    • Association for Computing Machinery [Member]
    • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) [Member]
    • International Council on Computers in Education [Member]
    • New York Academy of Sciences [Member]


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    Molluzzo, J. & Lawler, J. A Perception Study of Bullying Prevalence in the Information Systems Profession.

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