Linda Jo Calloway


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School/College: Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems
Department(s): Information Technology NY
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Office Hours: (Fall 2016)

Office Phone:
+1 (212) 346-1207


PhD, New York University, 1989

Information Systems/Interactive Telecommunications

M.Phil., New York University, 1985

Information Systems

BA, University of Colorado at Boulder, 1970

English, Mathematics, Philosophy

Scheduled Courses

Fall 2016:
No courses scheduled.

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  • CIT 110: Intro to Inform Technology
  • CIT 335: Creating w/the Interactive Web
  • CIT 396: Topic: Creating with Web 2.0
  • DCS 891: Research Seminar VI
  • DCS 990: Dissertation for DPS in Cmptng
  • DCS 991: Dssrttn for DPS in Cmptg II
  • IS 397: Topic: Creating with Web 2.0
  • IS 416: Distributed Computer Systems
  • IS 451: Business Telecomm/Networking
  • IS 481: Database Mgmt and Orgztn
  • IS 481: Database Mgt and Orgztn
  • IS 600: Grad Independent Study in IS
  • IS 613: Database Management Systems
  • IS 623: Info Sys Design & Devlpmt
  • IS 623: Info Sytems Design & Devlpmt
  • IS 650: Telecommunications Management
  • IS 662: Issues in Information Systems
  • IT 605: Database Management Systems
  • Research Interests

    Assessing the Sustainability Effects of ICT Initiatives in Rural and Transitional Economies Exploring innovative methodologies for information Systems research Integrating Sustainability and ICT into IS Education Exploring strategic alliances among Information Systems and other disciplines including Performing Arts Effective techniques for teaching interactive technologies and research methods Discovering Vocabularies for describing Digital Media

    Awards and Honors

    • Pforzheimer Research Center, January 01, 2014 - Accepted to Pforzheimer Center Research Forum, 2013-2014
    • Faculty Council New York City Campus, January 01, 2014 - Kenan Fund for Faculty Development
    • Cisco Systems, March 24, 2005 - Cisco Professor Professional Security Development
    • Who's Who of Women in Education, January 1, 2005 - Appointed for inclusion in the Honors Edition of Who's Who of Women in Education
    • Americas Conference on Information Systems: AMCIS, August 5, 2004 - Certificate of Merit
    • International Applied Business Research conference, 2004, March 15, 2004 - Best Paper Award


    • [Internet], April 01 2015
      Discovering Beauty: New York. Blog featuring personal reflections, poetry and photographs
    • Interview video in support of Pace University disabilities outreach program [TV], September 26 2013
      Interviewed by the AHRC NYC inclusion program director in support of teaching students affiliated with the AHRC NYC in regular classes. I have taught four students in four different classes. The date below is a best guess.


    • Association for Information Systems [Charter and Continuing Member]
    • Association for Information Systems Management, New York Chapter [Member]
    • International Communications Association [Member]
    • Metropolitan Museum of Art [Member] , February 2004
    • American Association of University Women [Member] , September 2002
    • Academy of Management, Organizational Communications Work Group [Member]
    • Association for Computing Machinery [Member]
    • American Association for the Advancement of Science [Member]
    • Institute for Management Sciences, College of Information Systems [Member]


    Calloway, L. (2015, August 01). Vocabuaries for Describing Digital Media. (Issue 2015)

    Calloway, L. Born in the Morning Rain. Vol 1 , pages 48.

    Calloway, L. (2011, December 31). Teaching Sustainability Concepts: Information and Communications Technologies and the United Nations Millenium Development Goals. Vol 11:08


    Calloway, L. Qualitative Methods in IS Research.

    Calloway, L. (2015, November 2). Education Special Interest Group (EDSIG). Vocabularies for Describing Digital Media. American Association for Information Systems, Wilmington, NC

    Calloway, L., Dhargalkar, S. & Ortiz, A. (2012, June). Workshop on Sustainability, Special Interest Group on Green IS. Assessing Opportunities to Improve Sustainability Outcomes Using Information Systems (IS) and Technologies (IT): The introduction of genetically modified cotton seeds into rural India. Workshop on Sustainability, Special Interest Group on Green IS,. Barcelona, Spain

    Calloway, L. & Meffe, R. (2012, May). The DNA of Pace University: Collaboration and Innovation, Research Day. . “Thinkfinity and Cross-Disciplinary Teaching. Pace University

    Intellectual Property

    • Copyright: Born in the Morning Rain


    • Pace University, Seidenberg School [Attendee, Meeting]
      Committee's Key Accomplishments: Primary Fundraiser for the Seidenberg Schhol
    • Tenure and Promotion [Committee Member]
      Desc: Evaluate candidate dossiers for Tenure and Promotion


    • Seidenberg Faculty Council [Committee Chair]
      Desc: Negotiated Release Time Review Committee guidelines Facilitated adoption of the new Seidenberg Faculty By-laws in accordance with the 2013 Pace University by-laws. Managed faculty affairs.
      Committee's Key Accomplishments: Negotiated and partly implemented the new Scholarly Release Time Review criteria and committees, regular business such as staffing sub-committees, discussions regarding financial situation at the University. Achieved a realignment of leadership of the Seidenberg School in cooperation with the President and Provost offices.
    • Seidenberg School Awards Ceremony [Other]
      Desc: Presented the awards to graduating students (many of these studied with me)


    • Third Annual Pace University Research Day Representative of the Seidenberg School [Special Institutional Assignment]
      Desc: Evaluate research poster sessions in NYC Campus for all schools at Pace University
    • Restruction Task Force for the Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems [Committee Member]
      Desc: Develop a plan for Seidenberg to: • Reduce FY2015 expenses by $1,000,000 • Create a Seidenberg sustainable model of growth for 2015 – 2017 and beyond. Particular emphasis has been placed on developing sustainable growth models that will provide new and exciting academic programs that will increase enrollment in both NYC and PLV.
    • CDFPT Appeals Committee [Committee Member]
      Desc: Hear appeals from the CDFPT
    • Second Annual Pace University Research Day [Committee Member]
      Desc: Representative of the Seidenberg School as Research Day Organizer and Reviewer for 163 published abstracts.
      Committee's Key Accomplishments: Reviewed and judged abstracts submitted
    • First Anual Pace Uiversity Research Day [Committee Member]
      Desc: Representative of the Seidenberg School as Research Day Organizer and Reviewer for 157 published abstracts and over 75 in-person presentations
      Committee's Key Accomplishments: Representative of the Seidenberg School as Research Day Organizer and Reviewer for 157 published abstracts and over 75 in-person presentations.


    • EDSIG 2015, Wilmington, DE. [Session Chair]
    • Pre-ICIS Workshop on GIS, Fort Worth, TX [Reviewer, Conference Paper]
    • EDSIG 2015, Wilmington, DE. [Reviewer, Ad Hoc Reviewer]
      Desc: Reviewed three papers
    • Convocation, New York [Attendee, Meeting]
    • Americas Conference on Information Systemsw (AMCIS) [Conference-Related]
      Desc: Conceived and chaired Mini-track: Mini-Track chair, America’s Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS), 2014 & 2015: The roles of ICT in Creating and Supporting Sustainable Livelihoods in Rural and Emerging Economies. Requested to rerun the track in 2015.
      Committee's Key Accomplishments: Created the mini-track with co-chair, submitted Call for Papers, Reviewed submitted papers, chaired sessions
    • Reviewer for International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), [Reviewer, Conference Paper]
      Desc: Review submitted conference papers
    • Reviewer for Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS), [Reviewer, Ad Hoc Reviewer]
      Desc: Review papers for SIGGlob-Dev and other tracks
    • AMCIS 2015, San Juan [Track Organizer]
      Desc: Track Chair
      Committee's Key Accomplishments: Track:The roles of ICT in Creating and Supporting Sustainable Livelihoods in Rural and Emerging Economies
    • Reviewer for Special Issue on Cyber-Bullying for Journal of Informaiton Systems Education, 2013=2014 [Reviewer, Ad Hoc Reviewer]
      Desc: Reviewed several submitted papers