Li-Chiou Chen
Department Chairperson


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School/College: Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems
Department(s): Information Technology West
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Office Hours: (Fall 2016)
Monday, Wednesday

Office Phone:
+1 (914) 773-3907



I am an assistant professor in the Department of Information Systems, School of Computer Science and Information Systems, Pace University. Prior to Pace, I worked with Professor Kathleen Carley in CASOS, School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), in Pittsburgh, PA. I obtained my Ph.D. in Engineering and Public Policy in 2003 from CMU and received an M.B.A. and a B.B.A. in Management Information Systems from National Chengchi University in Taipei, Taiwan.


PhD, Carnegie Mellon University, Engineering and Public Policy, Pittsburgh, PA, US, 2003

Engineering and Public Policy

MS, Carnegie Mellon University, Engineering and Public Policy, Pittsburgh, PA, US, 2000

Engineering and Public Policy

MBA, National Chengchi University, Management Information Systems, Taipei, TA, Taiwan, 1994

Management Information Systems

BBA, National Chengchi University, Management Information Systems, Taipei, TA, Taiwan, 1992

Management Information Systems

Scheduled Courses

Fall 2016:
  • CIT 251: Computer Security Overview

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  • CIS 101: Computers and Security
  • CIT 251: Computer Security Overview
  • CIT 352: Network and Internet Security
  • CIT 354: Computer Forensics
  • CIT 471: Information Tchnlgy Internship
  • CIT 481: Cpstn in Infrmtn Tchnlgy
  • CIT 490: Independent Study in Infor Tec
  • CS 704: Independent Research
  • DCS 860: Topics in Data Security
  • DCS 891: Research Seminar I
  • DCS 891: Research Seminar VI
  • DCS 990: Dissertation for DPS in Cmptng
  • DCS 991: Dssrttn for DPS in Cmptg II
  • IS 495: Information Systems Internship
  • IS 632: Business Telecommunications
  • IS 641: Information Security/Controls
  • IS 650: Telecommunications Management
  • IT 300: Computer Security Overview
  • IT 304: Network & Internet Security
  • IT 600: Overrview:Computer Network/IT
  • IT 600: Overview:Computer Network/IT
  • IT 600: Ovrvw -Cmptr Network / IT Tech
  • IT 603: Overview of Infrmtn Security
  • IT 666: Information Security Managemnt
  • IT 691: IT for E-Commerce Project I
  • Research Interests

    Management Information Systems (Investigate and solve management and security problems raised by information technology, such as computer viruses, denial of service attacks, focusing on network theory and computational modeling); Artificial Intelligence (Combine artificial intelligence and social network techniques to conduct technological and policy analysis in the area of information security.); Information Policy (Study service models, economic incentives and public policies needed to facilitate the provision of defenses against distributed denial of service attacks on computer networks);

    Awards and Honors

    • Pace University, 2010 - Pace Sponsored Research Release-Time Award
    • Pace University, 2009 - Pace Scholarly Research Award
    • Pace University, 2008 - Pace Scholarly Research Award
    • Pace University, 2006 - Pace Seidenberg School Summer Research Grant
    • Pace University, 2005 - Pace Sponsored Research Release-Time Award
    • NULL, January 1, 1999 - Liang Ji-Dian Fellowship for Engineering and Science Students


    • Homeland Security Today [Magazine], August 24 2015
      $2.5 Million Grant to Train Cybersecurity Professionals Given to Pace University
    • The Westchester Magzine [Magazine], July 2015
      Pace University Training The Next Generation Of Cybersecurity Experts
    • WABC, TV [TV], January 18 2012
      News interview regarding English Wikipedia anti-SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) blackout
    • AT&T Internet Security News Network [Internet], 2006
      Regarding opinions on computer security issues
    • Westchester County Business Journal [Magazine], November 14 2005
      Regarding Seidenberg funding


    • Academy of Information Management (AIM) [Member]
    • Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) [Member]
    • Association for Information Systems (AIS) [Member]
    • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) [Member]
    • North American Association for Computational Social and Organizational Science (NAACSOS) [Member]

    Contract, Grants, and Sponsored Research

    • Chen, L., Hayes, D. & Ryan, J. (2015, August 1). A Multiple Pathway Approach to CyberCorps . National Science Foundation , Federal , $2,550,986.00 . Funded,
    • Chen, L. & , . (2015, September). The Center for Women in Technology at Pace University. GE Capital Americas , Private , $49,319.00 . Funded,
    • Chen, L., Tappert, C. & Hayes, D. (2012, October 1). Establishing the Information Assurance Student Pipeline Through Community College Outreach. National Science Foundation , Federal , $294,477.00 . Funded,
    • Chen, L., , . & , . (2014, September). Information Assurance Scholarship Program. Department of Defense , Federal , $140,053.00 . Funded,
    • Chen, L. & Cotoranu, A. (2012, January 1). Enhancing the Interdisciplinary Curriculum in Information Assurance by Engaging High-impact Educational Practices. Thinkfinity, Verizon Foundation , Pace University , $10,000.00 . Funded,Grant


    Li, J., Monaco, J., Chen, L. & Tappert, C. (2015, October (4th Quarter/Autumn)). Authorship Authentication Using Short Messages from Social Networking Sites.

    Gai, K., Qiu, M., Chen, L., Liu, M. & , . (2015, August). Electronic Health Record Error Prevention Approach using Ontology in Big Data.

    Nassar, N., Chen, L. & , . (2015, August). Multi Seed Authentication Using S/Key Scheme.

    Perez, G. E., Monaco, J. V., Tappert, C., Chen, L. & , . (2015, July (3rd Quarter/Summer)). Cybersecurity Outreach for Underrepresented Minority Students. The National Cybersecurity Institute Journal. Vol 2 (Issue 2)

    Nassar, N., Chen, L. & , . (2015, June). Seed Based Authentication.

    Alexandrou , A. & Chen, L. (2014, May 2). The Security Risk Perception Model for the Adoption of Mobile Devices in the Healthcare Industry.

    Chen, L. & Tao, L. (2012). Effective Web and Java Security Education with the SWEET Course Modules/Resources. Advanced Information Technology in Education, Series: Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing. Springer Berlin Heidelberg. Vol 126 , pages 9-16.

    Chen, L. & Tao, L. (2012, August). Open-Source IT Support for Effective Social Entrepreneurship.

    Chen, L. & Tao, L. (2012, July (3rd Quarter/Summer) 1). Teaching Web Security using Portable Virtual Labs. Journal of Educational Technology & Society. Vol 15 (Issue 4) , pages 39-46.


    Chen, L. & , . (2015, June). NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates Program, . Web Security and User Authentication. College of Staten Island, City University of New York, New York, New York


    • Information Technology Curriculum Committee [Committee Chair]


    • Seidenberg Faculty Council (VicevChair and Interrim Chair) [Committee Chair]


    • Pace Path [Seidenberg Representative]
    • University ISAC Committee
      Desc: Review Security Policy and Regulatory Compliance
      Committee's Key Accomplishments: Review and establish security and access control policy Review HIPAA Compliance
    • Westchester campus, ABET accreditation for the BS/IT program [Lead faculty member]
      Desc: ABET accreditation for course syllabi


    • American Conference on Information Systems, 2009 & 2010 ,Colloquium for Information Systems Security Education, 2010 & 2011 [Session Chair]
    • Colloquium for Information Systems Security Education 2006-2013 ,American Conference on Information Systems 2004, 2008-2013 ,Workshop on Link Analysis, Counter Terrorism and Security 2005 ,The Second Symposium on Intelligence and Security Informatics , 2004 [Conference-Related]
      Desc: Conference reviews
    • IEEE Services Workshop on Security and Privacy Engineering, 2012 & 2013 -,7th Annual Midwest Association of Information Systems Conference, May, 2012 , Workshop on Link Analysis, Counter Terrorism and Security 2005 [Program committee]
    • Management Science ,IEEE Security and Privacy ,IEEE Transactions on Systems : Man and Cybernetics ,Decision Support Systems ,European Journal of Operational Research ,Journal of Electronic Commerce Research ,Communications of ACM [Reviewer, Journal Article]
      Desc: Review journals
    • SUNY Rockland Community College [Information Assurance Curriculum Advisory Board]
      Desc: curriculum advisory
    • National Science Foundation [Panel Reviewer]
      Desc: Review 10+ proposals for a review panel hosted by NSF


    • Having Fun With Cyber Security” in the “Exploring Your Opportunities Workshop,” Science and Technology Workshops for Young Girls, College of Mount Saint Vincent, Riverdale [Workshop Leader]
      Desc: Cyber Security and Science and Technology Workshops