Nancy Hale
Assistant Professor


  • Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems

  • Information Technology West

Primary Location:
Room 242

Office Hours: (Spring 2014)
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
(by Appointment Only)

Office Phone:
+1 (212) 346-1705

Fax Phone: +1-989-864-8640


DPS, Pace University, Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems, White Plains, NY, US, 2009
Education Professionals

MS, New York University, New York, NY, US, 1974
Business Education/Administration

BBA, Pace University, Lubin School of Business, New York, NY, US, 1973
Business Education

Scheduled Courses

Spring 2014:
  • DCS 991: Dssrttn for DPS in Cmptg II
  • TS 671: Intrnshp in Edctnl Tchnlgy

View All Courses Taught
  • AIT 103: Online Seminar
  • AIT 107: Cmptr Applctns for Tlcmnctns
  • AIT 109: Broadband Essentials
  • AIT 111: AC/DC Electrical Circuits
  • AIT 113: Solid State Devices & Circuits
  • AIT 120: Bus & Tchncl Comm for Telecom
  • AIT 170: Basic Telephony & Voice Comm
  • AIT 196: Adv PC Applctn/Telecom: Access
  • AIT 196: Adv PC Applctn/Telecom: Excel
  • AIT 196: Adv PC Applctn/Telecom: Pwrpt
  • AIT 196: Adv PC Applctn/Telecom: Word
  • AIT 223: Dgtl & Mcrprcssr Fndmntls
  • AIT 231: Cabling Technology
  • AIT 235: Sgnl Transmissions for Telecom
  • AIT 241: Data Transmission Systems
  • AIT 245: Data & Emrgng Comm Technlgy
  • AIT 371: Fiber Optics
  • AIT 381: Emerging Broadband Tchnlgy
  • AIT 382: Voice Over IP Technologies
  • AIT 383: Emerging Wireless Technologies
  • CHE 105: Consumer Chemistry
  • CIS 101: Cmptrs & Environmental Science
  • CIS 101: Cmptrs & Social Responsibility
  • CIS 101: Downtown New York
  • CIS 101: Forensic Computing
  • CIS 101: Introduction to Computing
  • CIS 101: Urban Environment
  • CIS 102: Tpc: Intro to Project Manager
  • CISA 101: Intro to Computing - CAP
  • CISA 101: Introduction to Computing
  • CISB 101: Introduction to Computing
  • CISC 101: Introduction to Computing
  • CISD 101: Introduction to Computing
  • CISE 101: Introduction to Computing
  • CISF 101: Introduction to Computing
  • CISM 101: Introduction to Computing
  • CISO 101: Introduction to Computing
  • CISR 101: Introduction to Computing
  • COM 221: Professional Communication
  • DCS 860: Topic: Assistive Technology
  • DCS 990: Dissertation for DPS in Cmptng
  • DCS 991: Dssrttn for DPS in Cmptg II
  • ED 692: Stdnt Tchng in Edct'nl Tchnlgy
  • EDL 656: Strategic Planning/Edctnl Ldrs
  • ENG 110: Composition
  • ENG 120: Critical Writing
  • HIS 113: Wealth and American Culture
  • INT 196: Integrity Issues in Telecom
  • INT 196: Prior Learning Assessment
  • INT 196: Telecom Wrkrs/20th Cen Lbr His
  • IT 603: Overview of Infrmtn Security
  • IT 605: Database Management Systems
  • LIT 200: Global Crossings: Nactel
  • LIT 343: Contemporary Amrcn Literature
  • MAT 125: Technical Math 1
  • MGT 323: Orgnzl Bhvr & Virtual Entrprs
  • MM 801: Maintain Matriculation-DCS
  • OIS 090: Topic: Academic Skills Sem (C)
  • PSY 196: Topics in Psychology
  • PSY 256: Psy of Persnal Adjstmnt
  • PSY 323: Psychology of Learning
  • SCI 150: Astronomy
  • SOC 113: Dynamics of Change
  • TS 090: Academic Support Seminar I
  • TS 090: Academinc Support Seminar II
  • TS 095: Employment Preparation Sem I
  • TS 095: Employment Preparation Sem II
  • TS 099: Tech Internship
  • TS 100: Keyboarding
  • TS 105: Computrs for Human Empowerment
  • TS 115: Adv Typwrtng Mchne Transcript
  • TS 115: Electronic Keyboard Mastery
  • TS 210: Word Processing Applications
  • TS 211: Spreadsheet Applications
  • TS 212: Adv DB Applctn for Mcrcmptr
  • TS 212: Database Applications
  • TS 213: Multimedia Tele Apps Mcrcmptr
  • TS 271: Internship/Seminar in OIS
  • TS 271: Internship/Seminar in TS
  • TS 313: Multimedia Applctn / Mcrcmptr
  • TS 314: Computer Operating Systems
  • TS 333: End Usr Info Sys Pla Des Im Ev
  • TS 333: Plng Dsgn Implmtn & Evltn
  • TS 341: Networking Technologies
  • TS 351: Cmptr Hrdwre: Trblesht / Mntnc
  • TS 410: Innvtv Tech for Complex Issues
  • TS 461: Business Communications
  • TS 461: Office Administration
  • TS 600: Grad Ts/Ind Study
  • TS 652: Using Intrnt as Instrctl Tool
  • TS 653: Multimedia Tools & Design
  • TS 654: Dsgn Stndrd-Bsd, Tech Currcula
  • TS 654: Dsgn Stndrd-Bsd,Tech Curricula
  • TS 671: Intrnshp in Edctnl Tchnlgy
  • Awards and Honors

    • Rotary International, May 1, 2003 - Paul Harris Fellowship Award
    • NULL, December 30, 1999 - Outstanding Faculty Service Award
    • Pace University, CSIS, December 31, 1996 - CSIS Excellence in Service Award
    • NULL, December 31, 1995 - CSIS Faculty Award for Excellence in Service


    • Asynchronous Learning Networks
    • Council for Adult Experiential Learning
    • Office Systems Research Association

    Contract, Grants, and Sponsored Research

    • VIA at Pace/Homeless Coalition [Grant]
      Pace University , $0.00
      Funded,Bring OIS 105 Computers for Human Empowerment to Henry Street Settlement
    • Westchester County [Grant]
      Pace University , $0.00
      Funded,Support CLOUT Program with S. Merritt and A. Feeley 1992


    • Journal Article, Professional Journal
      The evolution of successful service-learning courses in the computing curriculum: From infancy to innovation
    • Journal Article, Academic Journal [Submitted]
      An Ethnographic Pilot Study Exploring the Future ELearning
    • Monograph [Published]
      Civic Engagement in the First-Year Experience Civic Engagement Through Computer Technology at Pace University
      The New York Times Monograph on Civic Engagement in The First Year of College , December 31 2008
    • Journal Article, Academic Journal [Published]
      Civic Engagement through Computing Technology
      First Year Civic Engagement: Sound Foundations for College, Citizenship and Democracy, a New York Times publication , April (2nd Quarter/Spring) 1 2008
    • Conference Proceeding [Published]
      Pace University and Blended Learning – Forging New Partnerships at Home and Abroad
      Proceedings of the 12th Annual Sloan-C International Conference on Asynchronous Learning Networks , April (2nd Quarter/Spring) 1 2007
    • Conference Proceeding [Published]
      Bridging the Gap between Higher Education and IT Industry Expectations: The First-year Experience in Service Learning Projects
      Proceedings of the Federation of Business Disciplines: 2007 Organizational Systems Research Association – OSRA , March 1 2007
    • Journal Article, Academic Journal [Published]
      Pace University's Focus on Student Satisfaction with Serinces in Online Education
      Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks , July (3rd Quarter/Summer) 1 2003
    • Technical Report [Published]
      Office Information Systems as a Discipline
      CSIS Technical Report , November 1 1998
    • Book, Scholarly-New [Published]

      Getting Started with WordPerfect 6.1 for Windows , December 31 1996
    • Book, Scholarly-New [Published]

      Getting Started with WordPerfect 6.0 for Windows , December 31 1995
    • Journal Article, Public or Trade Journal [Published]
      Computers for Human Empowerment
      Computer Use in Social Services Network , December 1 1992
    • Conference Proceeding [Published]
      Computers and Human Empowerment
      Proceedings of the Sixth Annual Computers for Social Change Conference , June 1 1991
    • Book, Chapter in Scholarly Book-New [Published]
      Rogers School for Environmental Study
      Casebook for Information Systems , December 31 1988
    • Journal Article, Public or Trade Journal [Published]
      Business Education in the Four-Year College
      Business Education Journal , December 31 1985


    • Pace University Best Practices Conference [Oral Presentation]
      Title: Ways to Engage Students in Online Webinars for Recruitment and Retention
      Pace University, Pleasantville
    • ALN - International meeting [Other]
      Title: ALN Corporate SIG session
      SLOAN C, Orlando, FL
    • Pace University Best Practices Conference [Oral Presentation]
      Title: Using POLLEVERYWHERE to engage students in online classes
      Pace University, Pleasantville
    • Sloan-C conference (Orlando): Featured Session presenter [Oral Presentation]
      Title: How the Other Half Learns: Innovative Trends in Corporate Online Learning
      Sloan-C conference (Orlando), Orlando FL
    • 9th Annual 2012 Sloan-C Blended Learning Conference and Workshop: Perfecting the Blend Title: An Ethnographic Study Exploring Workforce Trends in Developing and Delivering Blended and Online Education
    • Pace University - Best Practices Conference [Oral Presentation]
      Title: iPace: Addressing the Needs of the Adult Learner
      Pace, New York
    • Pace University - Best Practices Conference [Oral Presentation]
      Title: Top Online School Ranking – US News and World Report
      Pace, New York
    • Pace University Leadership Conference 2006 [Other]
      Title: "Witnessing Growth"
      Pace University
    • ALN Sloan Conference [Other]
      Title: "How to Successfully Provide Outstanding Student Services: Pace University's NACTEL Program - A Case"
    • ALN Sloan Conference [Other]
      Title: "Pace University and Blended Learning - Forging New Partnerships at Home and Abroad"
    • The Tenth Sloan-C International Conference on Online Learning [Other]
      Title: CIS101: Meeting the Chanllenges in a Blended Learning Course
      Orlando, FL
    • EDUCAUSE Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference [Other]
      Title: "Pace University: Transforming Learning and Teaching with Online Education"
      Baltimore, MD
    • The Eighth Sloan-C International Conference on Asynchronous Learning Networks [Other]
      Title: "Policies and Practices at Pace University: A Case Study"
      Orlando, FL
    • Sixth International Conference on Asynchronous Learning Networks [Other]
      Title: Pace University, CAEL and the NACTEL Partners: An In-depth Look at a Successful Partnerhsip Model
      Adelphi, Maryland
    • Organizational Systems Research Association Conference (OSRA) [Other]
      Title: A Progress Report on the NACTEL Program: A View from the Trenches
      Toronto, Canada
    • Office Systems Research Association Conference '99 [Other]
      Title: Presented demo with Stuart Varden's talk on 'What is Asynchronous Learning'
      Atlanta, GA
    • Office Systems Research Association (OSRA) Annual Conference '97 [Other]
      Title: Presented new OIS curriculum
    • Redesigning Basic Skills Conference [Other]
      Title: Pace University Core Course in Computing
      Adelphi University, New York
    • Pace University Conference on Homeless [Other]
      Title: CLOUT Program Design
      Pace University, New York
    • Redesigning Basic Skills Conference [Other]
      Title: The First Course
      Adelphi University, New York
    • Computers for Social Change [Other]
      Title: Computers for Human Empowerment
      Hunter College, New York
    • HUSITA Conference [Other]
      Title: Computers for Human Empowerment

    Department Service

    • JTPA/PIC [Project Director]
      Desc: Program to train back office workers for the securities industry.

    University Service

    • Longwood Public Library [Trustee and Financial Officer]
      Desc: Member of the Board of Trustees and serves as Finance Chairperson. Developed and implemented a long-range technology plan for the library.
    • Middle Rotary Club [Committee Member]
      Desc: Extremely Active in the Middle Rotary Club raising money for Polio and Gift of Life funds.
    • Non-Profit Organizations [Coordinator]
      Desc: CIS 102 Web Development for non-Profits
    • Pace University, Computer Science & Information Systems [Special Project Volunteer]
      Desc: Design and buildout of William Street space
    • PONSI, NYS Department of Higher Education [Evaluator]
    • New York State Education Department [Faculty Evaluator]
      Desc: for the first Distance Learning Capabilities Study conducted by the State of New York
    • NYS Board of Regents [Evaluator]