Sotirios Skevoulis
Software Engineering Program Chair


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School/College: Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems
Department(s): Computer Science NY
Primary Location: 163 William Street 220

Office Hours: (Spring 2018)

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PhD, DePaul University, 1999

Computer Science

MS, Fairleigh Dickinson University, 1993

Computer Science

BS, University of Patras, Patras, Greece, 1988


Scheduled Courses

Spring 2018:
No courses scheduled.

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  • CIS 101: Downtown New York
  • CIS 101: Forensic Computing
  • CIS 101: Introduction to Computing
  • CIT 314: Introduction to Programming II
  • CS 113: Mathematical Structures for CS
  • CS 121: Computer Programming I
  • CS 122: Computer Programming II
  • CS 199: Tpc:Formal Discrete Structures
  • CS 396: Topic: Formal Software Dvlpmnt
  • CS 397: Topic: Software Design
  • CS 490: Ind Study in Computer Science
  • CS 502: Fund Comp Sci I using Java
  • CS 502: Fundamentals of Programming
  • CS 600: Indpndnt Study in Grad CS
  • CS 602: Fndmntl Cmptr Sci I with Java
  • CS 616: Softwre Engineering Seminar II
  • CS 630: Intelligent Agents
  • CS 653: Cryptography & Comp Sec
  • CS 691: Computer Science Project I
  • CS 691: Computer Science Projects
  • CS 692: Computer Science Project II
  • CS 693: Thesis I
  • CS 694: Thesis II
  • CS 699: Field Study
  • CS 773: Software Design Methodologies
  • CS 775: System Requirement Engineering
  • CS 777: Sftwre Rlabilty & Qlty Assrnce
  • CS 785: Software Development Studio I
  • CS 786: Software Development Studio II
  • CS 825: Cmpnnt Arch Entrprs App Dev
  • CS 831: Math Mdlng of Sftwr Artifacts
  • CS 851: Sftwr Validation & Verifcation
  • CS 890: Sftwre Dvlpmnt/HCI/Sftwre Mgt
  • CS 896: Software Research Seminar
  • DCS 801: Software Design & Implntn I
  • IT 607: System Dvlpmnt & Prjct Mgmnt
  • IT 668: Building Secure Software I
  • IT 669: Building Secure Software II
  • IT 690: Building Secure Software I
  • IT 690: Special Tpcs in Internet Tech
  • IT 691: Capstone Project
  • SE 602: Fundmntl Cmptr Sci I with Java
  • SE 616: Intro to Software Engineering
  • SE 673: Software Design Methodologies
  • SE 675: Requirements Engineering
  • SE 677: Software Reliability & Quality
  • SE 679: Contemp Software Engineering
  • SE 700: Independent Study
  • SE 700: Independent Study in SE
  • SE 701: Software Development Thesis I
  • SE 741: Formal Software Development
  • SE 751: Software Validation
  • SE 765: Distributed Software Develop
  • SE 770: Software Risk Management
  • SE 785: Software Engineering Studio
  • SE 790: Topics in Software Development
  • SE 796: Software Research Seminar
  • Research Interests

    Formal Methods; Software Development; Object-Oriented Technology and Languages; Software Engineering;

    Awards and Honors

    • Pace University, School of Computer Science and Information Systems, - Excellent In Research Award 2001
    • Amity University, February 5, 2017 - Keynote Speaker
    • DePaul University, May 20, 1997 - Award of Excellence


    • Association for Computing Machinery [Member]
    • CSEE&T [Member, Organizing Committee for CSEE&T]
    • Formal Methods Europe [FMEurope Member]
    • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) [Member]
    • International Association of Engineers [Senior Member] , September 1 , 2010
      is a non-profit international association for the engineers and the computer scientists. IAENG was founded by a group of engineers and computer scientists in 1968, originally as a private club network for its founding members

    Contract, Grants, and Sponsored Research

    • Skevoulis, S. CSIS School. Pace University, CSIS School , Pace University , $6,000.00 . Funded,Awarded a summer research grant by the CSIS School to develop promote a Formal Methods website and lead a worldwide research effort hosted on Pace servers
    • Skevoulis, S. (2002, September 1). National Science Foundation Grant. National Science Foundation , Other , $73,423.00 . Funded,Awarded for work on "Integrating Formal Methods Tools into the Undergraduate Cirriculum". Award # DUE-0126991


    Skevoulis, S. Breaking New Ground in Information Assurance. Participant. Pace Annual Report Roundtable on Software Security, New York, NY

    Skevoulis, S. (2017, July 26). 5th Annual Meeting, Sardinia. Extending the Internet of Things: From Smart Cities to Smart Villages, Challenges & Opportunities. ITAP, Greece

    Skevoulis, S. & Patel, P. (2017, March 17). The 2017 IAENG International Conference on Software Engineering,.  Software Security and Reliability in Financial Organizations: A multi-layered approach to delivering Safe, Secure and Reliable Software. International Association of Engineers, Hong Kong

    Skevoulis, S. (2017, February 4). 4th International Conference on IEEE Signal Processing and Integrated Networks (SPIN) . Amity University, New Delhi, India

    Skevoulis, S. (2016, November 16). 9th Annual International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation (iCERI 2016).  Bridging the Intellectual Gap in Classrooms: Coaching College Students to Teach Each Other. International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation, Seville, Spain

    Skevoulis, S., Coutras, C. & , . (2016, May 17). 12th Annual International Conference on Information Technology & Computer Science. Identity Management and Access Control Techniques and Mechanisms. Athens Institute for Education & Research, Athens

    Skevoulis, S. (2016, February 4). 3rd International Conference on Signal Processing and Integrated Networks. Engineering Successful Partnerships Between Academia and Industry: Offering Customized Educational Programs to Industrial Partners.


    • Provost's NY Academic Plan committee [Committee Member]
      Desc: Participate in the design of the NYC campus academic plan for the next ten years


    • Board of Trustee subcommittee on Administrative Affairs [Member]
    • Provost's NYC Campus Planning Committee [Committee Member]
      Desc: Creating a plan for the NYC campus for the next 10 years


    • International Conference on Software Engineering Research, Management and Applications [Committee Member]
      Desc: PC Members for the 14th International Conference on Software Engineering Research, Management and Applications for 2015 and 2016
    • European Accreditation Board (Greek Chapter) [Program Evaluator]
      Desc: I participated in two accreditation visits of Greek Universities in October and December of 2013