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City of Springfield Aquifer Protection Ordinance
Date Added: Wednesday, October 14, 2015
Aquifer Protection    
The provisions of this article are designed to regulate the drilling of wells so that the city may prevent potential hazards to the water quality, and to provide procedures whereby the city may take steps to protect the public health and welfare, including notification for abatement of hazardous situations, prescribing penalties for violation of this article, and prescribing procedures by which the provisions of this article may be executed. .. Read More

City of Springfield Drinking Water Protection (DWP) Overlay District
Date Added: Wednesday, October 21, 2015
Aquifer Protection, Overlay District, Drinking Water Protection & Conservation    
Springfield created a Drinking Water Protection Overlay District that contains four time of travel zones (TOTZ) around its wellheads “to protect aquifers used as potable water supply sources by the City from contamination.” Within these zones the ordinance restricts use of hazardous materials, which could potentially enter and harm the groundwater. The district includes 0-1, 1-5, and 10-20 year TOTZ... Read More