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County of Brown Agricultural Shoreland Management Ordinance
Date Added: Wednesday, February 10, 2016
Erosion & Sedimentation Control, Agriculture    
This ordinance is unique because it applies specifically to agricultural use. Brown County’s Agricultural Shoreland Management ordinance is designed to “prevent soil erosion and minimize the movement of suspended solids into surface water.” It establishes a 300 foot zone on all perennial and intermittent streams and rivers wherein agricultural practices must meet NRCS guidelines. Additionally, 20-foot-vegetative buffers planted with approved seed mixtures must be established along all state waters... Read More

County of Brown Zoning Regulations; Solar Zoning
Date Added: Wednesday, August 23, 2017
Solar Energy, Zoning    
In its Zoning Ordinance, Brown County in Minnesota lists solar energy systems and solar structures as permitted uses in the Agricultural/Shoreland Protection District, Highway Business District, General Business District, and Limited Industry. Section 702 of its Zoning Ordinance, however, permits solar energy systems and solar structures as accessory uses in all districts, including residential ones, “provided the system is in compliance with minimum lot requirement and setbacks.” The section also goes on to include solar energy systems as elig.. Read More