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The Town of Middleburgh Nonconforming Uses, Structures and Lots Ordinance

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New York
Town Of Middleburgh   
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The Town of Middleburgh has several districts which must meet certain specifications. Parcels in the Flood Protection District (FPD) must comply with the Flood Damage Prevention Law and new parcels (after 12/31/07) must comply with the district requirements. The Planned Development District (PDD) was designed to accommodate such large-scale uses as to the benefit to the community. The law is not intended to restrict the construction or use of underground or overhead public utility distribution facilities. There are specific restrictions on gasoline stations, public garages, excavations/mining, and manufactured homes. Manufactured homes must conform to certain environmental requirements for density and lot size, separation, setback, and road layout, and open space areas. There are specific delineated duties prescribed to the park operator, park occupants, and park inspector. Home based businesses are encouraged in the district but must meet certain specifications such as a maximum square footage allotted to the business, the owner of the business must also be the owner of the property, and the business must be secondary to the use of the property as a residence. The business cannot alter the character of the neighborhood and cannot induce excessive traffic or congestion. Existing undersized lots may remain as long as they are not smaller than a specified measurement. There are height requirements but exceptions exist for structures such as church towers and chimneys. Outdoor advertising off-premises signs are permitted in the districts as designated subject to certain restrictions.