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City of Dubuque Unified Development Code; Solar Zoning

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In Dubuque, Iowa’s Unified Development Code, solar collectors are permitted in Single-Family Residential Districts, Two-Family Residential Districts, Alternate Two-Family Residential Districts, Moderate Density Multi-Family Residential Districts, Multi-Family Residential Districts, Office Residential Districts, and Office Commercial Districts as accessory use structures. Dubuque’s Development Code also includes a Sustainable Subdivision Development program whereby applicants must achieve a minimum score of forty points by utilizing a list of tools, included in the code, in order for a new subdivision plan to be approved and subsequently developed. An applicant may receive up to thirty points for developing a solar subdivision. A solar subdivision is a subdivision that includes at least “seventy percent “solar lots,” which have a minimum north-south dimension of 75 feet and a front line orientation that is within thirty degrees of the true east-west axis.” Dubuque further expands on the solar subdivision requirements in a separate section of the Code, Section 16-11-12.