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Chapter 9: Affordable Housing, Article II: Accessory Apartments and Apartment Units

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Town Of Barnstable   
| Suburban |
Seeks to create additional affordable housing through permitting unpermitted existing accessory dwelling units (ADUs) and encourage the creation of new ADUs. The ordinance also creates a local chapter of the states 40B, “Comprehensive Permit” program which “encourages the development of low- and moderate-income rental and owner-occupied housing and provides a means for the Board of Appeals to remove local barriers to the creation of affordable housing units.” Additionally, the ordinance commits certain resources in accordance with the towns Comprehensive Plan and establishes criteria for amnesty an program for unpermitted ADUs and the creation of new ADUs including setting affordability standards in accordance with the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) established rates and committing the property to the affordability standards in perpetuity through deed restrictions.