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City of Portland Demolition or Repair of Derelict Buildings Ordinance

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Portland, Oregon, enacted an ordinance that requires the destruction, repair, rehabilitation, or removal of any dangerous or derelict structure. Derelict structures are usually identified by the Director of the Bureau of Development Services and include, but are not limited to structures that are boarded, vacant, or unsecured, and previously had a public nuisance abated by the city. A property violates the ordinance until it has been lawfully occupied, demolished and regraded under proper permit, or the owner has proved to the Director that the property is free of the circumstances that created the derelict condition.

Dangerous structures include any structure that compromise, the health, property, or safety of the public, and are thus declared to be a public nuisance. Once declared a public nuisance, dangerous structures must be abated via, repair, rehabilitation, demolition, or removal, which may or may not be commenced at the command of the Director.