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City of Lacey Village Center Zone

City Of Lacey   
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Lacey’s “Village Center Zone” is a suburban model that, while perhaps reducing car dependence, does not link with much transit. The ordinance aims to alleviate use-segregated development, reduce sprawl that results in car dependence, and to promote the development of places with a pedestrian emphasis, connectivity, mixed-uses, and centralized public spaces. Bicycle paths and pedestrian connections are encouraged where possible and the use of cul-de-sacs and other roadways with a single point of access are minimized. While parking is limited on smaller streets, the larger streets are still permitted to have parking on both sides. Bikeways are required on collector and arterial streets. The ordinance requires that bike racks be provided to internal open space areas and recreation areas in the peripheral open space – in addition to providing for other pedestrian and bicycle amenities in commercial and residential areas. Bus stops are to be located along major streets (“collectors and arterials”) and are to be designed to make transit services accessible to all residents of the village center. While aiming to reduce car dependence, the ordinance still requires a minimum of 2 parking spots for single-family homes but requires a minimum of 1.5 spots per dwelling unit in multi-family housing. In addition, multi-family housing must have 1 bike spot per 10 automobile parking spots.