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Town of Hyde Park Water Resources Protection Ordinance

New York
Town Of Hyde Park   
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The Town of Hyde Park’s public policy is to preserve, protect, and conserve its water resources while simultaneously balancing the rights of individual property owners’ with the rights of the community. Unless otherwise exempted, the Hyde Park requires a permit for activities including, but not limited to, draining, dredging, septic tank installation, vegetation removal, or any activity that may pollute the Town’s water resources. The Planning Board takes a number of factors into consideration when approving, approving with conditions, or disapproving permit submissions. These factors include, but are not limited to, the environmental impact of the proposed action, alternatives to the proposed action, and the suitability or unsuitability of the activity to the area for which the action is proposed. A permit may only be approved with conditions if it falls within one of the categories listed in § 107-6(C). Mitigation plans are required for unavoidable impacts to the water resource or buffer areas. When more than one regulatory program applies to an action in which a permit is requested, the more stringent standard shall prevail.