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New York City's Racial Equity Reports Int. No. 1572-B

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This legislation calls for the development of an equitable development data tool that will contain citywide, boroughwide, community district, and neighborhood-level data in New York City. The tool will be available online for public use and will contain data on demographic conditions, economic security, neighborhood quality of life and access to opportunity, housing security/affordability/quality and housing production. The data tool will also include a Displacement Risk Index. Data is disaggregated by race and ethnicity. The tool must be available for public use by April 1, 2022.

Beginning in June 2022, designated land use changes must submit a racial equity report with a ULURP application. The racial equity report must use data from the data tool within a half mile of the proposed project. The report will present existing conditions, historical trends, comparisons to nearby neighborhoods and the city, and the predicted effects of the proposed project. Residential projects must include a summary of existing income levels disaggregated by race, information on affordable housing, expected rents, expected necessary income. Non-residential projects must analyze job creation and the potential race/ethnicity of the relevant workforce.