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Town of Falmouth Wetlands Regulations

Town Of Falmouth   
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The Town of Falmouth’s Wetland Regulations recognize that “special transitional areas,” portions of coastal floodplains that are immediately landward of salt marshes, coastal dunes, and barrier beaches, require special protection. To that end, these regulations require that relative sea level rise be considered in development proposals, and that buildings and other structures in special transitional areas be designed to incorporate a relative sea level rise of at least one foot per 100 years in “A-zones” (coastal storm flowage zones) and at least two feet per 100 years in “V-zones” (velocity zones). Similarly, in FWR 10.39, Land or Waters within Black Beach/Sippewissett Marsh District of Critical Planning Concern, two barrier split zones highly valued for their ecological diversity and their structural function as storm surge barriers, all structures, including septic systems, must be designed to accommodate a relative sea level of at least one foot within FEMA A and V zones.