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New York State Site Plan Review Ordinance

Site Plan Approval   
New York
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This law authorizes cities in New York State to undertake the process of Site Plan Review. The law sets forth criteria which city zoning boards may use when doing Site Plan Review, such as: parking, means of access, screening, signs, landscaping, architectural features, location and dimensions of buildings, adjacent land uses and physical features meant to protect adjacent land uses as well as any additional elements specified by the legislative body in such zoning ordinance or local law. The law also discusses other features of Site Plan Review, including: application for area variance, approval of site plans, the definition of a site plan, waiver of requirements, reservation of parkland on site plans containing residential units, performance bonds or securities, public hearings and decisions on site plans, notice to county planning boards or agencies or regional planning council, compliance with state environmental quality review act, court review and costs.