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City of Philadelphia Property Maintenance Code

City Of Philadelphia   
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The Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Legislature enacted an ordinance called the Property Maintenance Code. The ordinance requires that all vacant premises be kept in a sanitary, safe, and secure manner. All entranceways, such as windows and doors, must be maintained in good repair and secured, not boarded. Failure to keep building entranceways secure will result in an unsafe building designation.

Upon an unsafe designation by the Building Department, notice shall be served upon the registered owner ordering compliance with the ordinance. Owners are required to comply with the notice immediately. If not, they must indicate to the Building Department the necessary steps being taken to comply with the ordinance within 10 days of receiving the notice. Noncompliance with the ordinance results in penalties that are listed in the local Administrative Code, assumed authorization of the Building Department to correct the conditions itself, and to collect the costs via lien, or otherwise.